Refreshing your Natural Skincare Routine

New year, new skincare – it’s a saying we always turn to in January, and for good reason. The new season is all about refreshing old routines and setting healthy habits. Our usual routines, including skincare routines, are something that can fall by the wayside over the holidays. Read on for our advice on getting back on track with your skincare to promote a healthy, radiant complexion for the year ahead.

Get back to basics
We all have our favourite products, the staples you turn to time and time again. Don’t over complicate your skincare routine – we prioritise cleansing, toning and moisturising as the perfect base for maintaining healthy, glowing skin. If you haven’t been using an SPF product in your daily routine, now is the time to start (we recommend our new Daily Protect Facial Lotion SPF 20). It’s one of the most important ways to look after your skin throughout the year – find out more here

Living Nature Natural Skincare Range

Declutter and review
Keep your beauty bag de-cluttered and stocked with the skincare products you love – no need to keep hanging on to products you know you will never use. If you still have an expired bottle of a product you were given 2 years ago, it might be time to throw it away (be sure to recycle the packaging if possible). We also recommend check the expiry dates on all of your skincare. This ensures ingredients are fresh and your products have the best efficacy. Plus, is there anything you have run out of or are getting low on?

Woman applying Living Nature Advanced Renewal Night Serum

Identify your skins needs
Your skins requirements change over time, depending on your age and the season. It pays to review your skincare routine regularly to make sure it’s giving you the best results. Whether its acne, fine lines, or pigmentation you are most concerned with, identify the issue. Then find the solution with one of our targeted serums. You can find out more about identifying and caring for your particular skin type here

Mānuka Honey Gel:  for blemish-prone skin and trouble spots. This potent blend combines active Mānuka honey for skin healing with Mānuka oil to help protect, cleanse and soothe the skin. Use: AM & PM

Firming Flax Serum: this Living Nature classic is designed to target fine lines and wrinkles. Harakeke Flax Gel, Rosehip Oil and Manuka Honey rejuvenate and nourish, promoting smoother, plumper, and more youthful looking skin. Use: AM & PM

Active Brightening Serum: to even out skin tone and minimise the appearance of pigmentation. Perfect for skin concerns such as acne scarring and sun damage, our number 1 bestselling ‘all-rounder’.  Use: AM & PM

Advanced Renewal Night Serum: targets dull, tired looking skin; the unique formula works to energize the skin cells and promote a healthy skin function for a radiant glow. Use: PM

Applying Living Nature Hydrating Glow Exfoliant on hand

Exfoliate for a healthy glow
After the holiday season, refresh your skin and remove dry, dead skin cells with an exfoliation. Our new Hydrating Glow Exfoliant uses exfoliating heroes’ alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids (AHA and BHAs) to give your skin a healthy glow. Arguably some of the safest and gentlest ways to exfoliate the skin, they work to decongest pores and remove dead skin. Find out more here.

Your skin is your biggest organ – it’s important to give it the care it deserves, but this doesn’t have to be complicated. Using our certified natural formulas crafted with native New Zealand botanicals, your skin will be soothed and nurtured.

For more information about our skincare range and personalised skincare advice, contact our customer solutions team at With their wealth of natural skincare knowledge, they would love to assist.

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