Phormium Tenax Leaf Juice
New Zealand Flax Gel

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Water is the essence of life. Every living thing needs it to survive, and so does your skin.

Harakeke Flax Gel is nature's super skin hydrator, with a high quantity of natural skin nutrients and polysaccarides.

Harakeke is renowned for the clear polysaccharide gel exudate produced on the surface of leaves at the base of plant. The mild astringency of this gel helps control oil overproduction, which makes it an effective defence against breakouts. It naturally soothes, hydrates and cools, reducing puffiness and redness.

The large grass-like leaves of Harakeke, which grow to more than 3 metres in length, were used extensively by Maori for clothing, thatching and matting. They also used Harakeke as a medicinal plant to treat boils, burns, as an antiseptic for cuts and internally for diarrhoea. In early European days in New Zealand, the strong leaf fibre of the Harakeke Flax was used to produce rope and linen.

Harakeke Gel is hydrating, moisturising and healing, which is why we use it extensively in our range as an alternative to petrochemically derived synthetic gels. It's perfect for our Firming Flax Serum and Hydrating Toning Gels.

Help your skin maintain its moisture, just as nature intended.


  • The gel is sourced from Te Araroa on New Zealand's East Cape 


  • The gel is physically removed from the base of the mature (grandfather) leaves, ensuring the sustainability of the mother plant

Parts used

  • The gel from the base of the leaf, and the seeds for soap making


  • Soothing, cooling and calming
  • Humectant - helping to maintain skin hydration

Primary components

  • D-xylose, D-glucuronic acid

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