Identifying and caring for your Skin Type

Your skin is unique, and will respond differently to different products. For this reason, it is important to identify your skin type in order to provide the correct type of care. We know it can be confusing, so here’s a simple overview of each skin type to guide you – plus suggestions for what Living Nature products to use.

Oily /Acne Prone Skin
Oily skin is caused by an overproduction of sebum, which can be brought on by stress, genetics, hormonal changes, medication or cosmogenic cosmetics. Oily skin is often acne-prone, with enlarged pores, and a glossy shine on the skins surface. Care for oily and acne prone skin with products designed to balance the skins natural oil content.

Our Recommendations:

  • Use a gel cleanser such as our certified natural Purifying Cleanser. This gently foaming gel purifies and promotes a natural balance for a clear, even complexion
  • Follow this with our certified natural Hydrating Toning Gel to balance PH levels and refine pores
  • Although many people with oily skin avoid adding additional moisture to skin in fear of increasing oil, finishing your skincare routine with a light moisturiser. Our certified natural Balancing Day Cream and Balancing Night Gel work to restore harmony and promote clear, even skin

Living Nature certified natural Rich Day Cream texture

Dry Skin 
Dry skin is caused by the skin producing less sebum than normal, which results in a lack of moisture giving skin a rough, tight surface. Dry skin can vary in severity, but skin typically gets dyer with age. Care for dry skin using products that provide an extra boost of nourishment and moisture.

Our Recommendations

  • Our certified natural Vitalising Cleanser has been formulated to gently cleanse impurities without stripping your skin of its protective oils, making it perfect for dehydrated skin
  • Provide additional nourishment and hydration with Living Nature certified natural Extra Hydrating Toning Gel
  • Finally, our certified natural Rich Day Cream and Nourishing Night Cream will quench dehydrated skin for a smooth, supple and glowing complexion

Combination Skin
If you have both dry and oily skin, you have combination skin. This is usually characterised by an oily T-zone, caused by an overproduction of sebum is the cause of the oilier parts of the skin. You may experience mild breakouts and have larger pores on your nose, chin, and forehead – the areas where the oil glands are most active. Areas around the cheeks, jawline and hairline may feel dry or tight. This is caused by a lack of sebum in this area, and a lipid deficiency.

Combination skin can often feel like a balancing act, as it is important to address both the dry and oily areas of your face to promote a clear, balanced complexion.

Our Recommendations:

Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin is a condition, rather than a skin type, meaning that anyone can have it. It is typically characterised by dry, red, itchy or flaking skin. Eczema, rosacea or other skin conditions can trigger a flare up of these symptoms, as can factors such as diet, allergies or stress. For sensitive skin, we recommend a less is more approach in both process and ingredients – particularly when it comes to fragrances, which are a common allergen for sensitive skin.

Our recommendations:

Living Nature certified natural Vitalising Cleanser and Extra Hydrating Toning Gel

Normal Skin
If you have normal skin, your skin will be well balanced; not too oily or too dry. Caring for normal skin is usually all about maintaining this natural balance.

Our Recommendations:

For more information about skin types and tailored skincare advise especially for you, please contact our Customer Solutions team at

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