New Zealand has a unique natural landscape and its native plants offer remarkable bioactive properties. For over 3 decades, Living Nature has harnessed the power of these botanicals to create certified natural skincare and cosmetics. 

Sustainably harvested using industry best practice, the properties of these ingredients are known for their powerful healing, purifying and nourishing qualities. When combined, they create some of the safest, purest and most effective certified natural skincare in the world.

We are proud that our award-winning products reflect the county from which they are developed, and are made of and in New Zealand. 

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Aloe barbadensis leaf extract
Certified organic

  • Nourishing, soothing & cooling
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder
Certified organic

  • Hand harvested & filleted, then solar dehydrated and milled into a powder
  • Very soothing & calming on the skin
  • Produces skin hydration
  • Proven skin healing benefits (Ref 09) & (Ref 10)

Argania spinose kernel oil
Argan oil

  • Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and other vital nutrients
  • Helps to nourish and protect the skin and lips

Ascophyllum nodosum extract
Atlantic kelp extract

  • Extracted from brown algae by lixiviation in water
  • Clinically proven skin whitening ingredient effectively decreasing pigmentation (Ref 15)
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles as well as stimulating collagen synthesis & fibroblast metabolism (Ref 15)

Ascorbyl palmitate

  • A fat soluble ester of Vitamin C
  • Stored in the cell membranes until it is required by the body
  • Vitamin C assists the skin to manufacture collagen, a protein that forms the basis of connective tissue
  • A effective and natural antioxidant (free radical fighter) that prevents make-up colour change as well as promoting a healthy skin


  • Natural drinking quality rainwater
  • Rainwater is collected and passed through a series of filters to remove any impurities. It is stringently monitored for purity
  • After filtration, the water is drinking quality

Apitoxin Bee venom
(certified organic)

  • New Zealand bees from local organic pastures
  • Skin energiser
  • Skin firming & plumping
  • Refines & rejuvenates skin texture

Astrocaryum murumuru seed butter

  • Pressed from the murumuru fruit seeds
  • Rich moisturising organic butter
  • Deeply nourishes, conditions & soothes the skin

Backhousia citriodora
Lemon myrtle oil

  • Derived from the leaves and fresh twigs of the lemon myrtle shrub
  • Cleansing, invigorating and uplifting
  • Anti-microbial actions on the skin

Bee Venom
Certified organic

  • Sourced locally in New Zealand from organic pastures
  • Skin energiser
  • Refines & rejuvenates skin texture
  • Clinically proven anti-ageing results

Benzoic acid

  • Derived from tree gum benzoin
  • Emollient
  • Emulsifier
  • Naturally derived preservative

Benzyl benzoate

  • Plant derived pure essential oil component
  • Forms part of the product’s fragrance – ‘Parfum’

Binchō Tan Charcoal

  • Sustainably sourced & derived from the Ubame Oak Tree - Japan
  • Purifying – absorbing impurities from the skin


  • An extract from chamomile
  • Anti-inflammatory agent
  • Soothing, calming & healing properties
  • Excellent on sensitive skins

Boswellia carterii oil
Frankincense oil

  • An essential oil taken from resin of the frankincense tree
  • Assists to help prevent lines and wrinkles
  • Its astringent properties may also help balance oily skin conditions

Butyrospermum parkii
Shea butter
Certified organic – except Electric Coral lipstick

  • Derived from the fruit of the karate (shea) tree
  • Emollient which is deeply moisturising, softening and nourishing
  • Leaves a protecting film on the skin

C10-C18 Triglycerides

  • Derived from palm oil
  • An ester of the hydrogenated palm oil and glycerin that helps the consistency of pencils
  • Hydrogenated oils are produced by adding hydrogen gas under high pressure to liquid oils so they will be semisolid at room temperature

Calcium aluminium boosilicate

  • A mineral derived thickening agent
  • Commonly used in cosmetics and proven to not penetrate the skin

Calendula officinalis oil
Calendula oil
Certified organic

  • Extracted from calendula flowers
  • Excellent for soothing and calming the skin
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Healing & soothing

Calendula officinalis flower & Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil
Certified organic

  • Infused calendula flowers in organic sunflower seed oil
  • Soothing, calming & nourishing on the skin
  • Rich in nutrients (Vit E & C) and antioxidants
  • Promotes skin healing
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Caprylic / capric triglyceride

  • A natural coconut fat
  • A fatty mixture of glycerides derived from coconut
  • Used as an emollient and emulsifier with quick skin penetration properties
  • Enhances smooth product application
  • (Naturally found in human blood plasma)

Caryocar brasiliense fruit oil
Pequi fruit oil

  • Expressed from the fruit of the Pequi tree
  • Used as a skin conditioning agent
  • Contains a high level of skin nourishing natural oils
  • Rich in palmitic & oleic acid, vitamin A & carotene
  • Protecting, repairing & skin smoothing
  • Strong anti-oxidant
  • Anti-ageing properties

Castor oil

  • Naturally derived
  • Helps the consistency of pencils
  • Hydrogenated oils are produced by adding hydrogen gas under high pressure to liquid oils so they will be semisolid at room temperature

CI 75470

  • A natural red colourant used in some lip colours


  • Produced from wood pulp
  • Used as a thickener
  • Extraction is via a hydrolysis (water) process
  • Harvested from sustainable forest sources

Cera alba
Certified organic

  • Harvested from bee hives
  • Used as a thickener, emulsifier and stiffening agent in balms and creams

Cetearyl alcohol

  • Derived from coconut & palm kernel oil
  • An emollient and viscosity regulator
  • Note: this is NOT a grain distilled alcohol

Cetearyl olivate

  • Derived from olive oil
  • Improves skin hydration & moisturising effect
  • Excellent skin absorption
  • Similar to natural skin sebum

Cetyl alcohol

  • Derived from coconut oil
  • Fatty alcohol used as an emollient, emulsifier, thickening and carrying agent
  • Note: this is NOT a grain distilled alcohol

Cetyl Palmitate

  • A lipid wax derived from the esters of olive oil & palm fatty acids
  • Offers excellent long term moisturisation and skin hydration


  • Plant derived pure essential oil component
  • Forms part of the product’s fragrance – ‘Parfum’

Citric acid

  • Derived from citrus fruit
  • A natural surfactant & solubiliser
  • Has great skin feel


  • Plant derived pure essential oil component
  • Forms part of the product’s fragrance – ‘Parfum’

Citrus grandis fruit extract
Grapefruit extract

  • Extracted from the fruit of the grapefruit
  • Has strong antibacterial and antioxidant properties

Citrus grandis seed extract
Grapefruit seed extract

  • Extracted from the seeds of the grapefruit
  • Has strong antibacterial and antioxidant properties

Citrus reticulate peel oil
Tangerine peel oil

  • Expressed from the peel of the Tangerine
  • One of the safest essential oils
  • Soothing, calming & nourishing on the skin


  • Derived from coconut oil glucose (fruit sugar)
  • Very gentle cleanser (surfactant)
  • Cleanses by helping water to mix with oil and dirt so they can be rinsed off
  • Natural occurring fatty acid

Cocos nucifera
Coconut Oil
(Certified organic virgin)

  • Derived by cold pressing the oil from organic coconuts
  • High quality organic virgin cold pressed oil offers exceptional purity and a rich source of vitamins and minerals
  • Proven to penetrate skin cell membranes to help make connective tissues strong & flexible Its Lauric Acid component provides anti-microbial benefits to help clear skin rashes

Copernicia cerifera wax
Carnauba wax

  • A wax that is derived from the leaves of the carnauba palm
  • A waxy emollient that protects and nourishes the skin

Daucus carota extract
Carrot extract

  • Extracted from the carrot root
  • Good for skin tone
  • Emollient that is rejuvenating and nourishing
  • Source of Beta-carotene and Vitamin A

Decyl glucoside

  • Derived from palm and coconut oils
  • Used for its foaming and cleansing action
  • Has antibacterial properties


  • Plant derived pure essential oil component
  • Forms part of the product’s fragrance – ‘Parfum’

Euphorbia cerifera wax
Candelilla wax

  • Extracted from the leaves and stems of a small desert growing shrub
  • Natural wax beads used to gently stimulate skin exfoliation without causing any tissue damage

Euphrasia officinalis
Eye Bright Herb

  • Extracted from the eye bright herb
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Used as a soothing, antimicrobial and skin conditioner

Ferric Ferrocyanide
Natural Earth Mineral

  • A natural iron-based colorant to add blue / green / yellow colours.
  • As with most mineral pigments, the actual molecule sizes are quite large, so are not able to penetrate into the actual skin, but sit on-top of the skin, offering colouring, until it is manually removed at the end of the day
  • Natural mineral derived from the earth.

Fucus vesiqulosus
Kelp extract

  • Extracted from New Zealand brown kelp
  • Provides essential nutrients, especially minerals, for healthy hair

Larch tree gum

  • Extracted from the gum of the larch tree
  • Excellent moisture control and humectancy properties (Ref 05)
  • Improves skin appearance of superficial fine lines (Ref 05)
  • Environmentally sustainable larch trees


  • Plant derived pure essential oil component
  • Forms part of the product’s fragrance – ‘Parfum’

Vegetable Glycerin
Certified organic

  • Derived from natural vegetable sources
  • Excellent humectant & emollient properties
  • Helps to hydrate, soften and soothe the skin
  • Assists the outer epidermis in retaining moisture

Glyceryl behenate

  • A natural soft plant wax pigment
  • Skin conditioning agent
  • COSMOS & Ecocert certified

Glyceryl caprylate

  • A solubilising agent
  • Moisturising properties
  • Strong antimicrobial activity

Glyceryl oleate

  • Naturally occurring fatty acid derived from coconut oil
  • Used as an emollient and emulsifying agent

Glycine soja oil
Soybean oil

  • Excellent skin benefits with a high content of essential fatty acids
  • Used as an emollient and skin conditioner
  • Expressed from soy beans

Hamamelis virginiana extract
Witch hazel

  • Derived from the bark and leaves of the witch-hazel shrub
  • Used as a natural astringent, which actually helps to soothe and heal the skin
  • Tannins help remove excess oil from the skin

Harakeke Flax Extract

  • Natural clear polysaccharide gel derived directly from the base of the outer ‘Grandfather’ leaves of the Harakeke Flax plant
  • Renowned since ancient Maori times for its medicinal & skin calming benefits
  • Anti-inflammatory and soothing properties
  • Hydrating and cooling on the skin

Helianthus annuus seed oil
Sunflower seed oil

  • Hard pressed from the sunflower seeds
  • Used to macerate calendula flowers into (‘Kekebaby range)
  • Improves skin health
  • Assists with dry skin
  • Rich in beta-carotene – helps to combat premature signs of ageing

Hydrated silica

  • A ground up mineral found in nature as opal, a gemstone

Hydrogenated castor oil

  • Derived from natural vegetable oils
  • Helps the consistency of pencils
  • Hydrogenated oils are produced by adding hydrogen gas under high pressure to liquid oils so they will be semisolid at room temperature

Hypericum perforatum oil
St John’s Wort oil

  • Obtained from the flowers of the St John’s Wort plant
  • An emollient with anti-inflammatory properties
  • Acts as a vaso-constrictor, assisting to reduce the appearance of dilated capillaries
  • Soothes pain and promotes skin healing

Iron Oxides
CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI77510

  • Derived naturally from hematite
  • A naturally occurring compound of iron and oxygen found in a range of colours from black to yellow
  • Gives colour to the make-up

Isoamyl laurate

  • Derived from lauric acid (vegetable oils) and the fermentation of isoamyl alcohol
  • Excellent natural skin emollient
  • Skin softening and smoothing properties in a short period of time
  • Nourishing
  • Gives product good spread ability and beautiful skin feel

Jojoba esters

  • Derived from the esterfication (natural process) of jojoba oil
  • A wax ester that leaves a protecting film on the skin – improving skin feel
  • An emollient that helps with the smooth consistency of the cream
  • An ester is a molecule of a fatty acid and a fatty alcohol combined
  • Reduces skin dryness, roughness & flakiness

Halloysite clay

  • A pure white clay from Matauri Bay, New Zealand
  • Assists with removal of dead skin cell by acting as a poultice, drawing impurities out of the skin

Fucus vesiqulosus (kelp) extract

  • Naturally occurring in the South pacific oceans around New Zealand
  • Manually harvested and extracted with water and steam
  • Nourishing food for the skin and hair
  • Contains mild antiseptic properties of iodine and tannin to cleanse and purify
  • Helps to revitalise the skin and hair

Lavendula angustifolia Oil
Lavender essential oil

  • Steam distilled from lavender flowers
  • Soothing, calming and balancing on the skin
  • Helps to nourish and revitalise the skin

Lavandula stearate oil
Lavender oil

  • A soothing and balancing essential oil
  • Distilled from the flowers and leaves of the lavender plant

Leptospermum scoparium oil
Manuka essential oil

  • Distilled from Manuka tree leaves and flowers
  • Used for its skin toning and anti-microbial properties
  • A concentrated essential oil with strong anti-septic properties

Limnanthes alba seed oil
Meadowfoam oil

  • Extracted from meadowfoam flowers
  • A very stable moisturising and rejuvenating oil
  • Used as an emollient
  • Contains unique fatty aids of benefit to the skin


  • Plant derived pure essential oil component
  • Forms part of the product’s fragrance – ‘Parfum’


  • Plant derived pure essential oil component
  • Forms part of the product’s fragrance – ‘Parfum’

Macadamia ternifolia seed oil
Macadamia seed oil

  • Extracted from macadamia nuts
  • Has a fine texture that absorbs readily into the skin to nourish and protect

Magnesium stearate

  • Naturally occurring in vegetable fatty acids Magnesium salt (a naturally occurring white alkaline powder) consisting mainly of stearic acid and palmitic acid
  • Used as an emulsifying agent
  • Also provides slip on the skin

Manganese violet
CI 77742

  • Manganese mineral pigment
  • Gives colour to make-up

Manuka honey

  • Derived from sustainable local bee-keeping / honey producers
  • Maintains moisture level in the skin as a natural humectant
  • International recognition for its antimicrobial properties referred to as UMF (Unique Manuka Factor)

Melaleuca alternifolia oil
Tea tree oil

  • From the leaves and flowers of the tea tree plant
  • Strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties
  • Steam distilled from environmentally sustainable sources

CI 77019

  • Muscovite is a common rock forming mineral and is found in sedimentary rocks
  • Used for its reflective and refractive properties in make-up

Microcrystalline cellulose

  • Produced from wood pulp and used as a thickener
  • Extraction is via a hydrolysis (water) process
  • Harvested from sustainable forest sources

Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate

  • Binding agent for powders
  • Derived from vegetable source

Oenothera biennis oil
Evening primrose oil

  • Helps feed the skin and soothe skin irritations
  • High in gamma linoleic acid and essential fatty acids
  • Extracted from the flower of the evening primrose plant

Olea europaea leaf extract
Olive leaf extract

  • Extracted from the leaves of the olive tree
  • Powerful free radical scavenger and anti-oxidant
  • An emollient that increases skin hydration
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria

Olea europea fruit oil
Olive oil

  • Extracted from the ripe fruit of the olive tree
  • Its composition is close to the natural lipids of the outer surface of the human skin
  • Contains nutrient beneficial glycerides of essential fatty acids
  • Used as an emollient and skin conditioning agent

Orbignya oleifera seed oil
Babassu seed oil

  • A fixed oil extracted from the nuts of the babassu tree
  • Excellent skin moisturising properties
  • Used as a an emollient
  • Made up of skin nutrient glycerides of fatty acids lauric, myristic and oleic

Natural (essential oil) fragrance

  • Derived from natural plant essential oils
  • A blend of isolates (components) 100% natural
  • See specific product labelling for potential allergen components

Pentaclethra macroloba (pracaxi fruit) seed oil
Certified organic

  • Harvested from the seeds of the Pracaxi (Pentaclethra Macroloba) tree
  • Stimulates hyaluronic acid production – moisture holding ability (Ref 16)
  • Increases density of collagen & gives skin elasticity & integrity (Ref 16)
  • Skin lightening by reducing melanin by 29% (Ref 16)
  • Excellent hair moisturising, conditioning & antistatic properties

Pentylene glycol

  • Food production by-product from dried pulp residue after the juice is removed from corncob & sugarcane
  • Emollient, skin humectant, solubiliser & antimicrobial protector
  • Offers long lasting moisturising benefits

Persea gratissima oil
Avocado oil

  • Extracted from the avocado fruit
  • A nutritious oil containing vitamins A, D & E & essential fatty acids (linoleic acid) that make it very nourishing, restorative and moisturising
  • Deeply penetrating and skin softening

Phormium tenax leaf juice
New Zealand Flax gel

  • The gel naturally forms at the base of the flax plant leaf
  • A refreshing gel that has a high quantity of natural skin nutrients & polysaccarides
  • Soothing and hydrating on the skin
  • Healing properties
  • Native to New Zealand
  • Sustainable source

Pomaderris kumerahou flower / leaf extract
Kumerahou extract

  • Derived from the flowers and leaves of the Kumerahou plant
  • A high saponin content results in natural lathering properties
  • Wild crafted from local Kerikeri plants
  • Environmentally sustainable

Potassium sorbate

  • The salt of sorbic acid, naturally found in some fruits (berries), but can be produced creating a ‘nature identical’ product
  • A common food grade preservative
  • An effective anti-fungal agent assisting in the products preservation

Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil
Almond oil

  • Obtained from the ripe seeds of the sweet almond
  • A very nutritious oil used as a skin conditioning agent
  • An excellent emollient for the skin
  • Great for dry / mature skin

Pyrus Malus seed oil
Apple seed oil

  • Emollient
  • Gives slip and texture to lipsticks
  • Anti-oxidant

Ricinus communis oil
Castor oil
Certified organic

  • Extracted from the castor oil plant
  • Used as a carrier agent in our balms
  • Environmentally sustainable

Rhus succedanea fruit wax

  • Derived from the fruit of the rhus succedanea tree in Japan (related to the mango and cashew tree)
  • Provides smooth creamy base with enhanced skin application properties

Rosa canina fruit oil
Rosehip oil
Certified organic

  • Critically extracted from organic rose hips
  • Helps the skin to heal and regenerate the skin
  • Assists in preventing the formation of keloid scar tissue
  • Its high fatty acids, vitamins A and C, make it essential in the prevention of wrinkles and signs of premature ageing

Rosa damascene flower oil
Rose otto oil

  • Extracted from the rose flower petals
  • Emollient and hydrating properties
  • Stimulating and antiseptic
  • Helps to fight lines and wrinkles associated with ageing

Salicylic acid
Beta hydroxyl acid (BHA)

  • Obtained from the inner bark of willow trees
  • Effective bactericidal and antiseptic
  • Commonly used for food & drink preservation

Schisandra Chinensis fruit extract

  • Extracted from the Schisandra Chinensis berry – known as a ‘super-berry’ due to its amazing properties
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Strengthens skins protective layer
  • Activates skins natural detoxing process

Sclerotium gum

  • Grown on a sugar medium
  • A natural polysaccharide gel base used for its gelling, thickening and hydrating qualities


  • A ground up mineral found in nature as sand
  • Adds colour, shimmer & shine

Simmondsia chinensis seed oil
Jojoba seed oil
(Certified organic in 'Kekebaby range)

  • Extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant
  • This waxy oil by nature is similar to our own sebum
  • An emollient that helps to lubricate and protect the skin

Sodium cocoyl glutamate

  • Derived from coconut or palm oil and corn
  • A mild solubilising surfactant
  • Has great skin feel

Sodium lauroyl glutamate

  • Derived from coconut oil
  • Mild surfactant, antistatic & hair conditioning agent
  • Naturally occurring amino acids

Sodium anisate

  • Derived from the herb basil, corn and palm
  • Gentle preservative

Sodium hyaluronate
Hyaluronic acid

  • Extracted from vegetable sources – soybean and corn
  • Hyaluronic acid is a crucial component of skin tissue reconstruction
  • Helps to boost collagen production
  • Helps to retain moisture in the skin while aiding healing and nutrient absorption

Sodium Levulinate

  • Derived from the herb basil, corn and palm
  • Gentle preservative

Sodium PCA

  • Derived from coconut (L-glutamic acid)
  • Sodium PCA provides a natural moisture factor to the skin - a natural component of skin that holds moisture in the skin
  • Its humectant properties are used for the fluid consistency of the foundations

Sodium phytate

  • Derived from corn
  • Effectively boosts antimicrobial activity to stabilise the product

Sorbic acid

  • An organic acid, derived from unripe berries
  • Antimicrobial properties assists with natural preservation

Sorbitan olivate

  • A lipid wax derived from the esters of olive oil
  • Offers excellent long term moisturisation and skin hydration
  • Rich in essential fatty acids

Sorbitan palmitate

  • A lipid wax derived from the esters of olive oil & palm fatty acids
  • Offers excellent long term moisturisation and skin hydration

(Vegetable squalene)

  • Obtained from vegetable oil sources, mainly olive oil
  • Excellent skin penetration capabilities
  • Anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial & helps prevent the signs of ageing caused by UV damage
  • Promotes healthy cell growth

Sucrose Cocoate
From cocos/sugar beet

  • A blend of coconut oil & sucrose esters from sugar beet
  • A mild surfactant and skin / hair conditioner

Stearic acid

  • Derived naturally from palm
  • Used as a product emulsifier

Stearyl Stearate

  • Derived from palm
  • Natural wax beads to gently stimulate skin exfoliation without causing any tissue damage

CI 77718

  • Magnesium silicate – a natural earth mineral
  • Talc ensures the best make-up application, colour and product stability
  • It offers the highest level of skin protection available due to the fact that without water or penetration enhancing ingredients, it is not able to penetrate the skin
  • In addition, talc is one of the only powders available that is not hydroscopic (does not absorb moisture)
  • These factors combined are proven to ensure no talc or external pollutants, are absorbed into the skin
  • Talc is bound with natural vegetable oils to ensure no air-borne particles are released – for maximum safety

Theobroma cacao butter
Cocoa butter
Certified organic

  • Derived from the cocoa bean
  • A deeply nourishing emollient
  • Contains high levels of skin beneficial fatty acids

Theobroma grandiflorum (cupuacu) seed butter
(Certified organic in ‘Kekebaby range)

  • Pressed from the seeds of the cupuacu tree
  • Nutrient rich in sterols
  • Increases moisturisation and improves skin barrier function
  • Natural UVA & UVB protection
  • High levels of fatty acids & phytosterols to restore elasticity & softness
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Tin Oxide
CI 77861

  • Derived naturally from tin oxides
  • A naturally occurring compound of tin and oxygen found in a range of colours
  • Gives colour to the make-up

Titanium dioxide
CI 77861

  • Derived from Titanium, which is extracted from the minerals Rutile and Ilmenite
  • Used as a white pigment in soaps
  • It gives the greatest covering and tinting power of any white pigment
  • A natural sun protectant

Tocopherol (Acetate)
Vitamin E

  • Derived from soy plants
  • A potent antioxidant preserving the product and helping to prevent free radical damage on the skin

Vitamin E

  • Derived from soy plants
  • A potent antioxidant preserving the product and helping to prevent free radical damage on the skin

Totara extract
Certified organic

  • Extracted from recycled totara hard wood by supercritical extraction process
  • A very strong antioxidant (3 times stronger than vitamin E), to neutralise free radicals linked to skin ageing
  • Only discarded ‘old’ wood is used (e.g. old wharf or fence posts)

Triethyl citrate

  • Exter of citric acid
  • Fragrance
  • Emulsifying agent
  • Antioxidant
  • Emollient

Triticum vulgare germ oil
Wheatgerm oil

  • Obtain from the germ (seed) of wheat
  • An excellent emollient, rich in nutrients including vitamin E, helping to prevent free radical damage on the skin
  • Excellent skin absorbing qualities
  • Gluten free

CI 77007

  • Adds colour, shimmer & shine

Vitis vinifera seed oil
Grape seed oil

  • Obtained from pressing grape seeds
  • High in skin beneficial fatty acid glycerides
  • Used as a skin conditioning agent and emollient

Xanthan gum

  • A microbial polysaccharide derived from the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris
  • Used for its binding, gelling and thickening properties
  • Used extensively for food thickening

Zea mays starch
Corn starch

  • The dried starch powder of the maize grain, known as corn
  • Gives the skin a fresh, silky and smooth feel

Zinc oxide
CI 77947

  • A quarry mined natural pigmented mineral
  • Has soothing and protectant properties
  • Acts as a broad spectrum UV protectant

Zinc Stearate

Zingiber officinale extract
Ginger root extract

  • Extracted from the ginger root
  • Skin healing & soothing properties
  • Anti-irritant & anti-inflammatory