Celebrating 200 Years of Kerikeri

At Living Nature, we have been operating in the subtropical town of Kerikeri for over 30 years. The largest town in Northland, Kerikeri is a popular tourist destination with a rich and colourful history. While it is known for its horticulture, thriving markets, and beautiful forests and waterfalls, Kerikeri is also commonly accepted to be New Zealand’s most important site of historical significance. We are proud to be a part of this thriving historic town.

This year, Kerikeri is approaching its 200th anniversary of the signing of the Deed of Sale by Chief Hongi Hika on November 4th, 1819. This Deed of Sale allowed Reverend Samuel Marsden to establish New Zealand’s second mission station in Kerikeri, helping to pave the way for Kerikeri to develop into the community it is today. It is also commonly thought to have helped establish the basis for the multicultural society that is New Zealand.

The original mission house, known as the Kemp House, still survives and is one of New Zealand’s oldest buildings. Nearby is the renowned Stone Store, which was built as a storehouse for the mission station, and is New Zealand’s oldest stone building. A guided tour of these important pieces of New Zealand’s history is a must-do experience when visiting Kerikeri.

Kerikeri is also home to many other historical sites. Don’t miss visiting Rewa's Village, a full-scale replica of a pre – European Maori fishing village. Nearby is the Kororipo Pa, a terraced site that shelters the Kerikeri Basin. This site was once a stockaded fortress, and in the early 1820’s it was the site of an unfortified Maori village. Today, you can visit the site and walk the historic walk that has connected the Stone Store and the Kororipo Pa for two centuries.

A significant place for the New Zealand wine industry, Kerikeri was home to New Zealand’s very first wine grapes, which were planted 200 years ago by Reverend Samuel Marsden. The vineyards are an important part of Kerikeri’s culture, and a tour of the many beautiful vineyards in the area can provide a wonderful day out.  

Kerikeri is surrounded by pristine beaches, nature walks, and waterfalls, providing endless options for nature lovers. Walk the beautiful Rainbow Falls track, spend the day at one of the many beaches or enjoy the tranquillity of Puketi Forest, which is home to many rare native New Zealand birds. This rich backdrop has provided inspiration for many of our natural skin care products, and we source many of our New Zealand botanical ingredients locally.

We are proud to be operating in this beautiful town, where we produce natural skincare and cosmetics in our original factory. When you are next in Kerikeri, don’t miss visiting our factory store, where you can view our lipsticks being produced through our purpose-built viewing window and learn about our heritage as New Zealand’s original certified natural skincare company.

Find our Living Nature Factory Store at:
1246A Bulls Road, SH 10,
Kerikeri, Northland.

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