Charcoal Clay Mask wins Silver | Pure Beauty London Awards 2019

Approaching the first anniversary of its launch, our certified natural Charcoal Clay Mask has again received an impressive accolade, receiving Silver for ‘Best New Natural Face Product’ in the prestigious Pure Beauty London Awards.

This year, the Pure Beauty London Awards received a record number of entrants, increasing the competition across all categories. Despite this, Charcoal Clay Mask stood out from the crowd and received a winning vote from the public, indicating strong consumer support and loyalty.

To date, Charcoal Clay Mask has achieved four prestigious awards including winning ‘Best Charcoal Mask’ in the New Zealand Verve Beauty Awards and Bronze in the prestigious United Kingdom Free From Skincare Awards, an indication of its premium quality and effectiveness. 

“After trying countless masks to help with my skin issues and getting no real improvements I was given a box of this charcoal mask from my sister in law…I have used all ten sachets and will definitely be purchasing more! It leaves my skin feeling super clean, fresh and hydrated with no reactions as I have had with other brands. Thanks Living Nature!” – Laura

Charcoal Clay Mask is formulated to combat the damaging effects of air pollution on skin, an increasingly widespread issue. Air pollution is one of the main contributing environmental pollution risks to our health and especially our skin. Present in both cities and rural areas, pollutants suffocate your skin by accumulating on the surface; harmful chemicals and toxins can attach themselves to these particulates and penetrate pores. These harmful substances can diffuse into deeper layers and induce skin irritations, skin sensitivity, and premature aging, as well as a dull, dry complexion.

To combat skin pollution, Living Nature formulated Charcoal Clay Mask, using an innovative combination of potent natural ingredients. The creamy, luxurious formula contains Active Charcoal Powder and ‘super berry’ Schisandra Chinensis to detox, purify and strengthen the skin's protective layer. Halloysite Clay absorbs excess oils and aids in drawing out impurities, and skin superfoods Avocado Oil and Coconut Oil work to feed, nourish and soften skin. Organic Manuka Honey and Shea Butter add moisture while reducing inflammation and anti-oxidant rich Vitamin E helps to fight free radical damage.

“I noticed an immediate difference in my skin from using this mask, my skin tone is visibly more even and clear! I also appreciate the fact that is it certified natural and enjoy the mask, even more, knowing I am not applying any toxic ingredient to my skin”. – Kelsey

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