Christine’s Manuka Honey Gel magic story

In early March 2014 Christine noticed a hard, raised lump on her right cheek which ultimately required a significant biopsy in June for melanoma. As a result in July that year a plastic surgeon removed her cheek and made a graft with skin taken from her lower left neck.

As part of her follow up treatment, Christine had an intense month of radiotherapy in October 2014 and was advised to use a Calendula healing cream. Soon after, she decided to begin using Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel.

Christine says, “Every day I massage the Manuka Honey Gel onto my graft to help keep it moist and help the nerves reconnect. I use it three times a day. I like the way it dries and leaves the skin looking good. In March 2015 I had my first MRI since the operation and all was good. A month later in April, my Surgeon was very pleased with the way I had healed - he commented that my graft looked like a three year old graft and not an eight month old graft that had had a month of radiotherapy.

I think this is due to the Manuka Honey Gel.” Christine - Motueka, NZ


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