AMP UP the eyelashes, dial down the fragrance!

Living Nature now has fragrance-free mascarasWe've just launched our newly re-formulated, fragrance-free Thickening Mascaras!

Our previous formulation has been hugely popular, but we're aware some people are reluctant to use mascaras with any type of fragrance (even certified natural ones!), in case the essential oils cause irritation.

We took this on board and took the fragrance out of ours. The new formulation still amplifies lashes with the natural thickening effect of Halloysite clay, but ensures minimal risk or irritation or allergen.

If you've had reactions to mascaras in the past and been reluctant to try new ones, our Jet Black or Blackened Brown Mascara could be just what you're looking for, to discover there's nothing like the beauty of nature to frame the windows to your soul.

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