Your Guide to Naturally Healthy Lips

Despite their delicate nature, your lips often get overlooked in a skincare routine. The skin on your lips is thinner than the skin anywhere else on your body, contains less oil glands and has virtually no protection from the elements. Air conditioning, winter months, summer days and windy weekends  all contribute to drying your lips out. Without protection, they are at risk of becoming chapped and split. We recommend incorporating a little lip care into your everyday skincare routine for naturally luscious, healthy lips, all year round.

Protect your lips daily with a Lip Balm or Lip Hydrator, especially during any outdoor sports activities, where you can be more at risk of dehydration. Our certified natural Lip Hydrator is a rich lip balm in a convenient stick form, which can be kept on your desk or in your handbag to apply throughout the day whenever your lips begin to feel dry. This will not only nourish and nurture your lips, but provide a barrier from the everyday elements.

In addition to using a lip balm, you should moisturise at night to help your lips regenerate. They will absorb the moisture and nutrients while you sleep for soft, nourished lips. Plus, if you’re pampering your skin with our Ultra Nourishing Mask, don’t be afraid to apply to your lips. It’s loaded with rich butters and nourishing oils which your lips will love, including Shea Butter, Active Manuka Honey and Avocado Oil.

As well as regularly exfoliating your face, you should also exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin cells and keep them smooth and supple. For a very gentle exfoliation, rub a small amount of our certified natural Skin Revive Exfoliant onto your lips. The natural wax beads will gently smooth away dead skin cells without drying your lips, and help to create the perfect base to apply your lipstick. 

After exfoliation, massage your lips with a drop or two of Radiance Night Oil or Ultimate Day Oil. By vigorously massaging the nourishing oil into your lips with a finger, you will help to stimulate blood flow, plumping the lips and generating a healthy glow.

Use the right lipstick
By opting for moisture rich lipsticks, such as our certified natural and organic Lipstick range, you don’t need to be afraid of drying your lips out. Our lipsticks are rich, creamy, and formulated with all-natural ingredients which actually work to enhance your lips health. Candellila Wax, Beeswax and Vitamin E are only a few of the nourishing natural ingredients they contain, and they have no synthetic nasties which could dry or damage your lips. Instead, they will nourish and help protect your lips from the elements, while providing luscious natural colour for a beautiful smile.   

Finally, make sure you always keep hydrated! Often, having dry lips is a sign you’re dehydrated, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

For more tips on skin health, contact our dedicated customer solutions team at . They will be able to help identify the correct Living Nature products for your skin type, with their wealth of knowledge about all things skincare, beauty and Living Nature. Xx

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