Cosmetics to Feed and Nurture Your Skin

At Living Nature, we have always believed that cosmetics should not only provide beautiful colour, but also nurture and feed your skin. Since our inception, we have created cosmetics loaded with potent active ingredients which work alongside your skincare regime to promote healthy skin. We have been perfecting these formulations for over three decades, so when you apply our cosmetics, you can trust that they aren’t dangerous or damaging to your complexion.  Keep reading to find out more about our favourite skin-loving ingredients, which you will find in a wide range of our cosmetics.

Vitamin E
Antioxidant Vitamin E (tocopherol) is a staple in our cosmetic products (as well as in our skincare range). Antioxidants are a big trend in the beauty world, and for good reason. They work to ward off free radicals, which can damage your skin by prematurely aging and weakening skin. Vitamin E has natural anti-inflammatory properties, and also helps to keep skin soft, making it an amazing ingredient for every skin type!

Avocado Oil
One of our favourite ingredients is 
Avocado Oil, which, as we shared in our recent blog, has the ability to deeply penetrate the skin, providing wonderful nourishment. This ‘skin superfood’ is also renowned for its anti-aging and antioxidant properties.



Jojoba Oil
Lightweight and gentle, Jojoba Oil is also a favourite, with its wonderful skin soothing, oil balancing abilities. It absorbs into the skin without clogging pores, and has been found to actually help reduce oil overproduction. Rich in Vitamin E and nourishing antioxidants, Jojobas’ humectant properties help to provide long lasting skin hydration.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Many of our cosmetics also contain Grapefruit Seed Extract, which is rich in Vitamin C. This powerful active ingredient has been found to have skin brightening, healing and protecting properties.

Tea Tree Oil
We use this potent natural oil in all of our foundations and concealers. It has strong antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, helping to protect and heal a wide variety of skin conditions, including skin abrasions and blemishes.

Active Manuka Honey

One of our hero ingredients, we have harnessed the power of Active Manuka Honey in many of our cosmetics. This potent natural ingredient is rich in nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals to feed, protect and renew skin. It also functions as a humectant, meaning it works to draw in and retain moisture. In our award winning cosmetics, Manuka Honey provides hydrating, moisturising, and nourishing benefits.

These are only a few of the wonderful natural ingredients we use in our cosmetic range (find out more about our cosmetic ingredients here). Our certified natural and organic cosmetic formulations have been perfected with care, and created with the finest natural ingredients to bring you beautiful colour while benefiting your skin. For more information about our natural makeup, and the healthy ingredients we use in them, contact our customer solutions team at xx

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