Jun 08, 2017

World Oceans Day on 8 June is a day to celebrate our oceans, but also a day to reflect on how we can conserve them for future generations to come. Living Nature respects the environment we live and work in, and we are proud to be based in a country which takes positive steps to reduce emissions, adapt to the impacts, and develop resilience to the effects of climate change.

This is a global concern, so what can we do as individuals to help?  When it comes to caring for the environment, every bit of effort helps, whether it be choosing to use recyclable product packaging, or using skincare products that do not end up going down your drain and polluting the ocean. Taking individual responsibility for purchasing products that contain natural alternatives to plastic microbeads is a great step in the right direction, and we therefore ask whether you would be kind enough to include our certified natural Skin Revive Exfoliant in your round-up of plastic microbead-free exfoliants. 

What are plastic microbeads?
Plastic MicrobeadsThese are the tiny rounds of plastic - only 5mm or smaller in diameter – found in many mainstream facial exfoliators and body scrubs.  Although deceptively small, they can cause great ecological damage, adding to the plastic pollution in our oceans and are harmful to ocean life.  Governments worldwide are so concerned they are taking steps to ban the use of plastic microbeads in skincare products.  Until this ban is in force however, do your bit and say ‘no’ to plastic microbeads.  Instead, opt for products that contain natural alternatives, such as Living Nature’s certified natural Skin Revive Exfoliant.

Living Nature Skin Revive Exfoliant contains natural wax beads that are bio-degradable and harmless to ocean life. With an invigorating herby mint fragrance, Skin Revive Exfoliant is suitable for non-sensitive skin types as a twice-a-week cleanser. It works by gently cleansing and exfoliating facial skin in one easy action, leaving skin healthy, glowing and rejuvenated.  The easy opening flip top lid also makes it ideal for use in the shower.  When you have more time, enhance your weekly skin care ritual by using Skin Revive Exfoliant prior to your mask. 

Skin Revive Exfoliant has a unique formulation including New Zealand native Skin Revive Exfoliant with Kumerahoubotanical, Kumerahou, which is renowned for its cleansing properties and provides a gentle, natural alternative to harsh surfactant cleansers.  It does wonders for skin, effortlessly loosening oil, dirt and debris, whilst soothing and helping to lock-in moisture. Rich in phyto-saporins, Kumerahou also provides strong antimicrobial protection.  Skin Revive Exfoliant also contains Jojoba and Candelilla beads that gently lift keratinised dead skin cells from the skin, revealing younger cells beneath and helping to stimulate healthy cell renewal.  These natural wax beads are non-irritating and smooth so won’t cause micro tears or damage your skin, leaving it refined, refreshed, soft and smooth. 

Like all products in the Living Nature skincare range, Skin Revive Exfoliant is certified natural by BDIH Germany, made from recyclable packaging, and includes only certified natural preservatives, fragrances and ingredients. 

Living Nature - circle of trustOur Circle of Trust 
Our logo isn't just a symbol. Since 1987 it's been a promise to provide you with the world's most natural, safe and effective skin care.

Living Nature has a unique and identifiable logo. The name ‘Living Nature’ reflects our commitment to the planet and to providing truly natural, healthy products. ‘Living’ reflects the plants, processes and our human form and ‘Nature’ encompasses all life force on the planet. 

Our roundel logo reflects the complex, never-ending cycle of life and is based on the koru. The koru is linked to the New Zealand fern plant, the shoot of which has a curled-over tip which unfurls and becomes a fern leaf. The koru reaches toward the light, striving for new, positive beginnings. There are two koru forms in the logo, a small one unfurling; this symbolises the potential for all living things to grow. The larger one represents, in all its power, a wave turning and crashing reflecting the cycle of the sea and all life in how the wave breaks and forms again – nature’s cycles repeated.

When you see our logo on a product, you can trust that it has been made with absolute integrity and honesty to nurture your skin, protect your health and protect your planet:

  • We use only 100% natural ingredients, preservatives and fragrances, and our full range is certified natural by BDIH Germany.
  • We have harnessed the purifying, healing and nourishing power of New Zealand's unique native botanicals such as Harakeke flax gel, Totarol, Manuka honey, Manuka oil, hallo clay and kelp. 
  • If there's any question about an ingredient's safety, we will not use it. Every Living Nature product undergoes rigorous testing for purity and safety to ensure we remain free of any potentially damaging chemicals or toxins. Our products are independently verified for safety, plus we have one of the best ratings in the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. Our policy: if there is any doubt about the safety of an ingredient, we don’t use it.  
  • Our packaging is recyclable, and free from Bisphenol-A (BPA), Phthalates. Paper and cartons are sourced from renewable, managed forests and, like our inks, are free from dioxin and elemental chlorine.
  • Our Kerikeri facility uses energy from a New Zealand power supplier thatgenerates renewable energy from wind and water (hydro) and we harvest our own filtered rainwater.  
  • We use no animal products, other than beeswax, honey and lactose obtained using industry best-practice methods.
  • We will never test our products on animals.

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  • Posted On June 08, 2017 by Helen Berry

    I love your products, I found them this year, almost 6 months now. I am looking 10 years younger, and at 62 years, that is such a relief., Removing decades of dirt and grime build up, the results are fantastic. All ingredients, processes are natural and ethical, I love everything about your products and your company. Your logo is beautifully simple and evocative. Can’t thank you enough for being who you are. Helen in Nelson

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