Mascara making a run for it?

Mascara smudge under your eyes? We’ve all been there. Your mascara smudging and making a run for it down your face can be due to many reasons such as using the incorrect skincare and makeup for your skin type, subconsciously rubbing your eyes, watery eyes, or applying too many layers of mascara. These are all possibilities for your lashes not looking fabulous all day long.

Your first step is an obvious one: stop rubbing your eyes. Your next action plan would be to use a tissue rather than your finger to dab at the corners of your eyes if they are watery: avoid using your hands at all cost around your eyes as they can spread bacteria around the place. Your next alternative would be to stop crying over the fact that you have just watch the last episode of your all-time favourite TV series.

You should wait at least two minutes between applying coats of mascara, as not waiting between applying coats is one of the most common mistakes. Overloading your lashes with product can cause those annoying dots above and below your eyes to appear, therefore ensure you wait for each coat to dry before applying a second or third coat. Another tip we can share is that if you’re not wiping off the mascara excess on your brush before applying, this can lead to too much product on the brush in the first place.

Is your mascara old? Old mascara can cause clumps and flaking, and these little flakes like to land on your face and hang out until you smudge them with a brush or your hand. This could be passed off as work place war paint or… you just look like you drew on your face with a pen. Old mascara can also be a breeding ground for bacteria, so you should replace anything that comes in contact with your eyes. Stick to the six-month rule regardless of which brand you're using, although toss it earlier if it gets clumpy.

Eyelashes curlers could also be another problem; ensure you curl your lashes before applying mascara, as curling afterwards can smudge mascara and also damage your eyelashes.

Your skincare routine may also be another contributing factor. Skincare which is too heavy for your skin type and cannot be absorbed into your skin can then sit on top of your skin and create a slip and slide effect for your mascara; the same goes for foundation and concealer if it's coated on too heavily around the eyes as well. Check out our blog here on how to moisturise oily skin. Bearing in mind however, the incorrect skincare products for your skin type such as cleansers, toners and moisturisers can also strip the natural oils from your skin and cause your skin to over-produce sebum, creating the same problem. Do you have sensitive skin?  Check out our blog here.

Do you clean off all remnants of your mascara each night before bed? We know that some of our non-natural counterparts can be tricky to completely clean away, especially waterproof formulations. Ensuring that you clean away all of your mascara to keep your skin, lashes and eyes healthy is essential.

One mascara trick is customising your mascara look. If you wish to create the illusion of having your eyes appear further apart, try applying one even coat to your lashes, let dry, and apply a second coat to the outer lashes only. To make your eyes look closer together, apply more coats to the inner eyelashes instead.

All in all, there are a lot of factors which can cause your mascara to run or smudge! However if you adhere to the above tips and tricks, your eyelashes will frame the windows to your soul all day and into the night. 

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