Why our Nourishing Night Cream is a Living Nature icon

Certified natural Nourishing Night Cream is a Living Nature classic; the timeless formula has been promoting hydrated, silky soft skin overnight for decades. Packed with powerful botanical ingredients, it was ahead of its time and helped cement Living Nature’s place as New Zealand’s original certified natural skincare company.

This nutrient rich moisturiser works to deeply hydrate and restore skin while you sleep. Active Mānuka honey enhances your skin's natural renewal and healing process, while native super antioxidant Totarol provides an extra boost of antibacterial protection and fights skin-ageing free radicals.

To celebrate Nourishing Night Cream, we teamed up with women from around New Zealand to trial it. Did it live up to expectations? The results we received speak for themselves, as over 94% saw an improvement in overall skin health and skin hydration, and 68% described their skin as appearing plumper.*

“The product is rich and hydrating but not causing break outs to my skin. I can go back to a very minimal skin care procedure as the cream is rich enough for me. After applying it at night, I wake up still feeling my skin is hydrated instead of dry and tight.” – Kelly

Living Nature Certified Natural Nourishing Night Cream

 “This product works I have noticed my skin has its plumpness back, is so soft and the fine lines and wrinkles are fading I also noticed my acne scars are going from the past. Like liquid gold in a bottle.” – Charmaine

“Firstly the night cream smells so good. It goes on so smoothly and instantly my skin feels hydrated. I loved how it made my skin feel hydrated but not greasy and it helped reduce wrinkles and my skin looked plumper.” – Jamila

Perfect Pair: Nourishing Night Cream and Advanced Renewal Night Serum
If you’re looking to step up your night-time skincare routine, this is the perfect skincare duo for you.

After cleansing and toning, apply Advanced Renewal Night Serum to face, neck and décolletage. This golden hued serum contains cell energizing natural D-ribose. A natural antiaging agent, D-ribose works by restoring the ATP cell reserves, a carrier of energy for skin cells. Clinical trials show that applying this powerhouse ingredient to the skin stimulates the fibroblast metabolism and enhances elasticity, significantly reducing wrinkles after just 28 days of continuous use to promote a luminous, smooth complexion. This powerhouse ingredient is combined with Active Mānuka Honey, Hyaluronic Acid, and Rosehip Oil to create the purest, most potent formula; these nutrient rich ingredients work together while you sleep, the optimal time for your skin to repair and recover.

As your final skincare step, apply Nourishing Night Cream. Applying moisturiser is vital for protecting and nourishing your skins barrier, and infuses your skin with moisture. Nourishing Night Cream will also lock in hydration and hold the other products you have applied in place, helping them to work effectively – e.g. helping to ensure that Advanced Renewal Night Serum is working it’s magic!

For more information about these products, contact our Customer Solutions team at solutions@livingnature.com

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