Pamper your skin with our premium body moisturisers | Which one is right for you?

With the addition of Nourishing Hand & Body Cream to our range, we have two premium natural body moisturisers to choose from. Which one is best for you? While they are both certified natural, packed with nourishing natural ingredients and ultra-hydrating, there are a few key differences which may help you to narrow down which one to choose.

Lightweight and ultra-hydrating: Nourishing Hand & Body Cream
This lightweight, hydrating formula is enriched with active Mānuka Honey and Larch Tree Extract to leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and replenished. Perfect for everyday use, the non-greasy formula delivers deep hydration while assisting to repair dry, chapped skin.

Infused with antioxidant rich Grapefruit Extract and Vitamin E, Nourishing Hand & Body Cream is perfect for keeping your hands soft and hydrated. With a fresh botanical fragrance that uplifts and energizes, you will be in love with this formula.

Tip: Apply directly after a shower or bath to lock in deep hydration for glowy, pampered skin.

Luxurious and nutrient-rich: Ultra Rich Body Cream
Ultra Rich Body Cream is an extra luxurious, nutrient-rich cream infused with active Mānuka Honey for its humectant moisture-loving properties, Cupuacu and Murumuru butters to deeply nourish, and natural oils to soothe and condition the skin. It's perfect if you have skin on the dryer side, or you just need extra pampering. With a delicious natural vanilla fragrance, it’s a must-have in your body care collection.

“After trying the Ultra Rich Body Cream for a few weeks I’m still as impressed as I was on my first application. This is a great body lotion but it is as a gardener that it really impresses me. It would have to be the best hand lotion I think I’ve ever tried. It soothes my rough sore hands immediately. It’s not one of those creams that leaves your hands feeling drier than they did before you put it on and it doesn’t leave a heavy, greasy coating that makes my hands sweat either.” - Therese

Tip: We love to use it in winter to banish dry, rough skin – particularly on elbows and knees.

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