Our Top Tips for Perfect Eyeliner

March 12, 2021

Eye Pencils are a simple, classy way to enhance your eyes. Easy to handle and blend, they can be used for a barely there natural look or a dramatic smoky eye. Plus, they can double as a brow pencil or eyeshadow in a pinch, making them one of the most versatile tools to keep in your makeup bag. Here are some top tips to enhance your eye pencil application for enviable eyes.

  1. Keep your pencil sharp

For a clean line and precise application, you will need a finely sharpened pencil. A blunt pencil can lead to smudgy, messy application and can be frustrating to work with. It may seem like a hassle to regularly sharpen your eye pencil, but it only takes a few seconds and is well worth it. Plus, sharpening your eye pencil can minimise potentially harmful bacteria that can build up on the pencil. Keep a good quality pencil sharpener handy so you never have an excuse for a blunt pencil.

  1. Hold your eyelid taut when applying

Avoid uneven, messy lines with this handy trick - pull your eyelid taut at the outer corner so that the pencil can glide smoothly over your lid.

  1. Go slow

Don’t rush when applying your eye pencil. Apply slowly and carefully in small strokes for an even application.

  1. Smudge proof your eyeliner!

Nothing is worse than perfectly applying your eyeliner, only to have it smudge and crease as soon as you step out the door. To smudge proof: after applying your liner, trace over the line with a matching powder eyeshadow. This helps to hold in the colour. If you have oily eyelids, prep your eyelids first with an eyeshadow primer or some Living Nature concealer, and set with our Luminous Pressed Powder.

  1. Try different shades

While black eye pencil is the most popular shade, don’t overlook the value of softer shades to complement different eye colours, such as Living Nature’s eye pencils in Earth and Storm. A warm brown shade, Earth is less harsh than black eye liner, making it a flattering choice for a subtle, natural look. Storm is a soft charcoal grey, which complements brown and green eyes. More forgiving than black, it’s perfect for crafting a subtle smoky eye.

  1. Opt for natural

When using synthetic skincare and makeup products, the average woman applies around 168 chemicals to her skin each day. With the eye area being particularly sensitive, it’s important to consider the effect these synthetic cosmetics may have. You may risk irritation and a host of other potential health problems, now widely recognised as being attributable to the known carcinogens, neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors commonly found in synthetic  (and many pseudo-natural) products.

At Living Nature, we focus on creating safe, effective, natural skincare and cosmetics, which actually help to retain skin health and overall physical wellbeing, rather than risking skin irritation. We have formulated our gentle, non-toxic pencils to cater to everyone, including those with sensitive eyes. Free from fragrance, essential oils and alcohol, our certified natural eye pencils are crafted with 100% natural ingredients. The nourishing vegetable waxes and naturally occurring oxides provide rich colour and creamy, ultra-blendable application. Living Nature’s eye pencils are available in three versatile shades:

Midnight: a deep black shade with intense, rich pigment. Crafted with vegetable waxes and naturally occurring oxides, it provides smooth, comfortable application and rich colour to enhance and define eyes.

Earth: a warm earth brown shade, inspired by the ground we stand on. Earth Eye Pencil will help blue eyes to pop and will enhance the richness in hazel eyes.

Storm: a moody storm grey shade, inspired by Mother Nature's moods. Storm Eye Pencil complements brown and green eyes.

Pair with Living Nature’s certified natural Thickening Mascara in Jet Black or Blackened Brown for optimal definition.

For more information about Living Nature’s eye range, contact our customer solutions team at solutions@livingnature.com. xx


Hi Annie, no we do not currently offer a blue eyeliner. We have Midnight (black), Earth (brown) and Storm (grey). :)

Living Nature August 04, 2022

Do you have a blue eyeliner

Annie Burke August 04, 2022

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