Feeding your skin with nutrient rich skincare

January 26th, 2021

We all know about the importance of a nutrient rich diet; it’s vital for a healthy functioning body. But while nutrients such as Vitamin A and C are important on the inside, they can also be beneficial to the skin when applied topically. At Living Nature, our products have been carefully formulated with clean, pure botanical oils, butters and extracts. These botanical ingredients, such as Rosehip and Avocado Oils, are skin superfoods, bursting with essential nutrients to promote a naturally radiant complexion. Here are some of our favourites.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol)
Vitamin E is a staple skincare ingredient in the Living Nature range, and for good reason. It’s an antioxidant which helps ward off free radicals, one of the main contributors to skin ageing.  Being fat soluble, it also offers moisturising and soothing properties. 

Botanical Oils
Botanical oils are globally renowned for the powerhouse of nutrients they provide. Rich in Vitamin C, A, and E, Rosehip Oil is a favourite ingredient used in a variety of our award winning formulations. Vitamin C can aid in boosting your skins barrier against sun damage. Like vitamin E, it helps to fight free radical damage and has anti-aging benefits.  Another skin superfood favourite at Living Nature is Avocado Oil. Lightweight enough to deeply penetrate the skin without leaving a greasy residue, it’s a powerful moisturiser suitable for all skin types. Containing vitamins A, D, and E and essential fatty acids (also known as ‘Vitamin F’), it provides powerful antioxidants which work to minimise signs of aging and supports the healthy production of new collagen.

Essential fatty acids promote a healthy skin function and barrier, and work to deeply nourish, restore and moisturise the skin. These naturally occurring omega rich acids are found in many of the botanical oils that we use in our skincare products, including Evening Primrose Oil, Almond Oil, and Rosehip Oil.

‘Liquid gold’ Active Manuka Honey
This is one of our hero ingredients; it’s renowned for containing a wealth of vitamins, amino acids and minerals to feed protect and renew skin. Its unique 'Manuka factors' assist in making it one of the most biologically active and beneficial honeys for the skin. A natural humectant and skin healer, Manuka Honey helps the skin to drawn in and retain moisture, and is especially beneficial for acne because of its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. This soothing liquid gold helps your skin to heal and fights free radical damage.

Whenever you use a Living Nature product, you can trust that it has been carefully formulated using the pure, natural ingredients, providing a balanced powerhouse of nutrition to keep your skin functioning at its best. For a nutrient rich skincare ritual, here are some of our top picks.


Radiance Night Oil
This beautiful golden oil will nourish your skin overnight and leave it feeling ultra-soft and pampered. Packed with precious botanicals including Rosehip, Frankincense, and Jojoba to provide an antioxidant boost while stimulating cell renewal, assisting to repair and rejuvenate for firmer, younger looking skin. It’s a luxurious pick me up and beauty sleep secret.


This ultra-lightweight oil blend is deliciously fragrant, and contains all the essential nutrients your skin requires for optimal health. Rosehip and Evening Primrose oils combine with a calming infusion of Calendula infused Jojoba oil to aid in skin regeneration, repair damaged tissue, and promote an even skin tone. Vitamin E and Totara extract provide antioxidant properties and the uplifting fragrance of Lavender and Tangerine make this oil a delight to apply.

Active Brightening Serum
Promote a more even, glowing complexion with this powerful award winning serum, crafted with all natural ingredients. Tropical Pracaxi Fruit Seed Oil and Atlantic Kelp help to minimise the appearance of pigmentation and improve skin resilience. Collagen boosting Hyaluronic Acid and Rosehip Oil aid in skin regeneration, while Vitamin E fights free radical damage. The silky smooth formula leaves your skin feeling oh-so-soft.

Advanced Renewal Night Serum
If you’re looking for a radiant glow, don’t skimp on treating your skin at night. During sleep, your skin rebuilds and repairs; Advanced Renewal Night Serum has been designed with this in mind. Natural D-ribose helps to restore and repair energy supplies, while Hyaluronic Acid provides vital moisture and collagen support to help firm the skin. Rosehip Oil and Active Manuka Honey provide essential skin nourishment and promote skin regeneration and promote healthy, radiant skin while you sleep.

For more information about our range of products and ingredients, please contact our Customer Solutions team at solutions@livingnature.com.

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LOVE, This is outstanding your products are wonderful! Specifically, the skincare relaxing creme is wondrous. My lines are dissolving right before my eyes! I highly recommend using advantage of anything values for your special needs. Your Products ROCKS!!!

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