Achieving that Healthy Holiday Skin Glow

3 Dec, 2021 –

We love the holiday season – it’s the perfect time to bring out your favourite red lipstick, and add a little extra sparkle to your eye makeup. But don’t forget your skincare routine – in fact, taking the time to give your skin a little TLC can go a long way towards promoting that healthy dewy glow you are looking for, naturally.

Here’s some of our top tips to keep your skin glowing during the busy holiday season, with a few simple natural products from Living Nature’s award winning range.

Cleanse your skin properly
At the end of a busy day (particularly when you are wearing makeup) be sure to cleanse your skin – we suggest double cleansing. This ensures you break down the dirt and makeup in the first step, and then wash away any residue remaining in the second.

We recommend using our Gentle Makeup Remover as your first cleanser, and then following with a Living Nature cleanser appropriate to your skin type (find our range here).

Hydration is Key!
Your skin needs to be hydrated to thrive. In addition to drinking plenty of water, our hydrating toning gels help to promote that soft, dewy glow. A unique gel formulation, they contain soothing Harakeke Flax Gel and humectant Active Manuka Honey, plus a wealth of other nutrient rich natural ingredients. Refreshing and lightweight, they glide onto skin, absorbing rapidly with no sticky residue. Pair this with a Living Nature moisturiser and your skin will thank you.

Tip: for more information about keeping skin hydrated, check out this blog.

Boost skins glow with a serum
After hydrating your skin, why not apply a targeted serum to give your skin an extra boost of goodness? Active Brightening Serum contains the power of active Atlantic Kelp and tropical Pracaxi Fruit Seed Oil, which work to lighten and minimise the appearance of pigmentation, even out skin tone and improve skin elasticity and resilience. At night, Advanced Renewal Night Serum promotes a healthy glow by restoring skins energy and helping it to regenerate while you sleep. It’s our beauty sleep solution for a glowing complexion, powered with 100% natural ingredients.

Build a ‘skin health promoting’ makeup bag
Allow your skin to breathe by choosing natural, lightweight cosmetics this holiday season. With Living Nature’s earth friendly natural cosmetic range, there is no need to compromise on quality. With lightweight mineral powders, nourishing foundations enriched with Avocado Oil and Manuka Honey, and luscious lipsticks, there is something for every skin type and occasion. Some of our top picks include:

Luminous Pressed Powder
Create a beautiful lightweight base with this certified natural favourite. Natural minerals combine to make this powder reflective and refractive, adding a soft luminous glow to your complexion.

Tip: Use as the finishing touch after foundation or tinted moisturiser, or alone for soft natural colour.

Blush and Bronze
These are the perfect tool for adding a healthy flush of colour, naturally. Formulated with a wealth of natural ingredients, they are gentle on your skin and suitable for all skin types.

Tip: use Living Nature’s Kabuki Brush to apply Summer Bronze Pressed Powder to face and body for a radiant, sun-kissed complexion

Thickening Mascara
Mascara is an essential for any makeup look, our certified natural mascara is designed to thicken and define lashes without clumps or chemicals.

Tip: pair our Jet Black mascara with Midnight Eye Pencil for a classic statement eye look.

Glamorous Lipstick
Alluring classic blue-red shade, long lasting wear, silky smooth application: our Glamorous Lipstick is a firm favourite at Living Nature, and its perfect for your holiday makeup look!

Tip: to ensure long-lasting wear, apply a matching lip liner or a little foundation to your lips prior to the lipstick application; ensure you gently blend the lip liner or foundation into the centre of your lip with your finger to ensure no harsh lines are created.

For more information about Living Nature’s product range and the products to help you achieve your skin goals, contact our customer solutions team at xx

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