Boost Skins Hydration for a Natural Glow

May 1st 2021

Although we often hear the word ‘hydrate’ in relation to our skincare routines, many don’t fully value the importance of hydrated skin. But if you’re looking for a healthy, naturally radiant glow, hydration is key.

What causes skin dehydration?
One of the biggest skin problems of the 21st century is dehydrated skin! We all live busy lives, don’t drink enough water, drink too much caffeine and alcohol, and eat a compromised diet.  We tend to spend a lot of time either in air-conditioned or heated environments, further dehydrating the skin. When the skin is dehydrated and starved of moisture, premature aging may occur including being more prone to wrinkles, signs of rough, flaky skin texture, and dry and dull uneven appearance.  

Why does skin need to be hydrated?
As the body’s largest organ, the skin contains approximately 30% water which it requires to function properly, including supporting the skins elasticity, plumpness and resilience. Because of this, it is important to maintain a good level of hydration in order for the skin to function at its best. The water held in the skin is protected from evaporating by a skin barrier. It is therefore important to protect and nurture the skins barrier function, as when damaged, the skin can easily become dehydrated.

How can I help keep my skin hydrated?

Look at the skincare you are using to ensure it ticks all the skin-hydration boxes. When you cleanse, be sure to use a gentle cleanser that won’t strip the skin and helps to maintain the skins natural barrier function.  Our certified natural cleansers are perfect as they contain no harsh chemicals and specifically formulated to help support the skins barrier function. For removing makeup, we recommend our Gentle Makeup Remover to instantly soften and remove makeup without drying or irritating the skin.  The gentle formula is infused with Harakeke Flax Gel and Active Manuka Honey for intense hydration and nourishment.

To achieve optimum skin health, it is important, after cleansing, to apply a Hydrating Toning Gel, which is specifically formulated to absorb into the lowest skin layers, offering vital hydration deep into the skin. Make sure you avoid alcohol based ‘wipe off’ toners that can further dry and strip the skin, making the condition worse. The next step would be to apply a serum like our Active Brightening Serum (for day), or our new Advanced Renewal Night Serum (for night), both containing Hyaluronic Acid, which have the ability to attract 1000 times their weight in water, thereby boosting skins moisture retention ability greatly, crucial for collagen reconstruction and essential for reducing the visible signs of ageing. The Active Brightening Serum has the additional benefit of minimising the appearance of uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

As a final step to boost and support the skins delicate moisture protective barrier, apply a regular day or night moisturiser; this helps to lock in the toners hydration and the serum’s vital ingredients. If you have a drier skin type, this can further be boosted by the addition of our premium natural nourishing plant oils like the Living Nature’s certified Ultimate Day Oil, which is powerful, yet lightweight and nutrient rich, or our Radiance Night Oil, which is a perfect blend of Rosehip, Rose, Calendula and other beneficial oils specifically formulated to assist with the skin’s natural regeneration process of renewal and deep nourishment for a glowing healthy skin. One or two drops of both these oils can be added to the serum, applied as an individual ingredient or added to your moisturiser or night cream. This combination regime, rich in vitamins and minerals, will provide your skin with daily hydration and nutrients for optimum health.

On top of this, aim for a balanced, nutrient rich diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water (and keep alcohol and smoking to a minimum). Plus, ensure you get a good night’s sleep – this can go a long way towards maintaining a hydrated complexion and achieving a beautiful natural glow.

For more information, contact our dedicated Customer Solutions team at – they have a wealth of knowledge to assist with finding the perfect skincare products and routine to suit you.

We recommend: 

A unique gel formulation, our toning gels contain soothing Harakeke Flax Gel and humectant Active Manuka Honey, plus a wealth of other nutrient rich natural ingredients. Refreshing and lightweight, they glide onto skin, absorbing rapidly with no sticky residue.


Living Nature's certified natural Active Brightening Serum is your powerful and effective solution to minimise the appearance of uneven skin tone and pigmentation while nurturing and protecting skin. Illuminate and rejuvenate your skin with all natural ingredients for a glowing complexion.

Advanced Renewal Night Serum
Energize and renew your skin on a cellular level with Advanced Renewal Night Serum, formulated with active natural ingredients to target the signs of ageing and promote healthy, radiant skin while you sleep.

Ultimate Day Oil
Your essential balancing blend, containing the nutrients skin requires to achieve and maintain optimum health. Rosehip and Evening Primrose oils contain essential fatty acids to aid skin regeneration and repair damaged tissue, whilst the calming and rejuvenating properties of dried Calendula flowers infused in Jojoba Oil helps to even out skin tone and promote a healthy youthful glow.

Radiance Night Oil
An advanced antioxidant-rich night treatment that improves the appearance of your skin while you sleep. The award winning formula boosts skins moisture levels while assisting to repair and rejuvenate for firmer, younger looking skin.



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