Got 2 minutes?

Ever feel like your skin needs a quick boost to help you face the day? Living Nature's new Skin Revive Exfoliant features a creamy Kumerhou-based cleanser along with natural Jojoba microbeads to give your skin a gentle AND effective exfoliation to help you start the day revived - all in just 2 minutes! It's a great skincare 'multi-tasker', helping to lift and remove skin debris and dead skin cells to reveal newer, younger skin and help stimulate cell renewal. Exfoliation also helps optimise uptake of a mask treatment or your daily Living Nature hydrating toning gel and moisturiser. Even better, it's suitable for all skin types - you can see and feel an immediate difference. It's particularly beneficial for oily / acne-prone skin and can be used more frequently to achieve noticeable results.

Of course, being Living Nature it's BDIH certified natural and cruelty-free, with the added benefit of 'beating the bead' - there are no nasty plastic microbeads in our exfoliant, to ensure there's nothing going down the drain that will end up damaging our marine life. 

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