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A warm welcome to guest blogger Amanda from Sparkles and Spit Up blog, sharing her top tips for healthy, natural ways to deal with dry skin. Amanda says... 

...Dry skin, maybe you've dealt with it your entire life or maybe you find yourself facing it anew due to seasonal changes, frequent travel, child birth or aging. Regardless of cause, it can be frustrating trying to restore the moisture balance of your skin. Adding to the struggle, dry skin often also lends itself to other issues like flaking, redness and sensitivity in which certain products can further set your skin out of control.

The good news is there is a solution to the dryness. The not-so-good news, or common misconception, is that there’s not really a quick fix or sole product to rely on, but rather a routine focused on hydration throughout your body and supporting it with natural, gentle products. When I was faced with severely parched skin post-partum, which affects me even 2 years later, I used Living Nature’s skin care range along with this tried and true routine to impart hydration salvation.

Hydration –Water is essential to life and through supplying ourselves with enough water internally, it affects every facet of our bodies, especially our skin. Drinking the appropriate daily amount is often overstated, but it’s incredibly crucial to our skin cells being able to functioning properly. Dehydrated skin is fatigued, less resilient and more prone to wrinkling. No matter what product you use, it won’t affect internal hydration levels, so drink up.

Cleansing – Effectively cleansing and removing makeup is a vital part of healthy skin, however choosing products that strip the natural oils from your skin can only perpetuate the problem. Selecting a moisture based cleanser will ensure your skin is refreshed and renewed. Living Nature’s Vitalising Cleanser is an ideal choice because it is packed with moisturizing and naturally cleansing components, so skin is thoroughly cleansed while still retaining those precious, protective oils.

Exfoliating – It may seem counterintuitive to exfoliate your skin if it’s dry or irritated, but not all exfoliants are harsh or require you to “scrub”. Properly removing dead skin cells in a gentle manner can reveal smoother, more luminous skin while preparing it for better product absorption. Regularly exfoliating also promotes healthy cellular turnover, which aids in anti-aging. Choose a natural exfoliant with fruit acids or enzymes to dissolve the dead skin cells, they tend to work for even the most sensitive skin and avoid scrubbing all together.

Toning – Over the years toners have gotten a bad rap, partly because many on the market were astringent or alcohol based, which can really wreak havoc on skin. However, proper toning is a necessary step in any skincare routine, particularly for dry skin, to restore pH and nutrient levels. The Extra Hydrating Toning Gel works wonders for dry skin! It’s alcohol free and uses natural ingredients to restore moisture by drawing it in. It makes a world of difference in the retention and absorption of products to follow.

Moisturizing (Day) – When faced with dry skin, using a daily moisturizer with substantial hydrating ingredients is key (which also means harsh ingredients need not apply!) The Active Manuka Honey in the Rich Day Cream is incredibly nourishing, especially when paired with botanical emollients and Totara to protect from environmental aggressors. Make it a habit upon waking to cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin to get a jumpstart on any dryness and seal in moisture generated over night.

Moisturizing (Night) – Getting your beauty sleep isn’t just a saying, it’s a must. Proper rest allows your body to restore and rejuvenate, including your skin. To support this process, apply nutrient rich products to help your skin renew overnight. Living Nature’s Radiance Night Oil is perfect for this process, bringing a much needed a surge of moisture to the skin. This astounding blend of oils naturally moisturize, stimulate, renew, soothe, calm and deeply penetrate overnight, locking in nourishment. Prepare to wake up glowing and transformed! Another alternative would be the Nourishing Night Cream which is packed with moisture building hyaluronic acid, leaving skin nourished and dewy (AND it’s a gift with purchase over $69 right now, what a wonderful way to incorporate the complete line).

After adopting this routine, give yourself some time to really let the products take effect. Skin typically takes 28 days to renew, longer as we age, so this regimen also takes some patience. I certainly saw a difference after one week and the change really proved itself within 3 weeks and continues to produce positive results. Do know that some days will be drier than others, depending on the weather, activity, and other external factors. If you find yourself faced with one of those, add a drop of Radiance Night Oil to your daily moisturizer or keep a moisture mask (Hydrating Gel Mask) handy – while these masks are typically too concentrated to apply under makeup, their intensive benefits are perfect 1-2 nights per week to really boost moisture levels.

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