Get going with Living Nature foundations

An esteemed beauty blogger in Singapore, has rediscovered our certified natural Living Nature Mineral Foundations. Click here to see her review. We know our foundations can present a few challenges for some - certified natural doesn't come easy! We continue to improve our formulations but it also helps to know some top tips for application, particularly if your skin is dry. It makes a significant difference if skin is 'prepped' with a suitable moisturiser (preferably Living Nature of course!) as the 'base' onto which you're applying foundation is important. As our foundations dry quite quickly we also recommend for people with very dry skin that you apply your foundation very soon after your moisturiser (within 1 - 2 mins), and also that you should only need one coat - it does darken slightly after application so you may end up with a darker / streaky effect if you've doubled up on layers - this tends to happen more if you're using a foundation brush rather than just using your hands. If you find the Foundations a little heavy, try our award-winning Illuminating Foundations or our soft and subtly gorgeous Tinted Moisturisers.

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