I have sensitive skin, will the oil irritate it?
Before you try any skin product for the first time, we recommend you patch test to see how your skin will react. Try using a drop on your arm before applying to your face.

Can I use a face oil with other products?
Yes! You can easily mix it in with your regular moisturiser (which acts great as a primer) or sun screen, or even add it to your foundation for a dewy makeup look.

How does this product incorporate into my current skincare regime?
This product can be used both day and night following your regular cleansing and toning routine and prior to (or in conjunction with) moisturising. It also works great after an exfoliation to restore moisture to your skin.

How much do I apply and how often?
For optimal results, smooth 2-3 drops over your face and neck both morning and night. However, if you have oily skin, try using 1-2 drops at night time only first.

What is the best way to apply it to my skin?
Whether you use it by itself or mixed with another product, it is always best to rub upwards in gentle circular motions to prevent tugging or pulling on your skin.

If I have oily skin, will this make it worse?
No! The lavender and jojoba oil in this product is perfect for oily skin. When combating oily skin with other products, you can often strip it of its natural oils which only makes the problem worse. For the most part, your skin will over-produce oil as a defence mechanism. The Ultimate Day Oil naturally unclogs pores and restores balance to your skin to stop this overproduction.

Which skin type is this best for?
Because of our combination of various organic oils, the Ultimate Day Oil is perfect for any skin type.

What’s the difference between the Ultimate Day Oil and the Radiance Night Oil?
Our Ultimate Day Oil can be used both day and night as it focuses on protecting the skin from free radical damage to keep it nourished while your skin is in recovery mode. However, your skin switches modes when you sleep, so our Radiance Night Oil nurtures the skins rejuvenation process while you rest to aid the repair of damaged skin cells by stimulating collagen production. With a fragrant blend of rosehip, calendula, frankincense and rose oils, Radiance Night Oil soothes and calms your skin to boost the overnight renewal process. Using both products together ensures you’re caring for your skin around the clock, even when you sleep.