The effects of stress on our health and wellbeing are far-reaching. It means that taking time out to refresh and rejuvenate our minds and bodies isn't a luxury or self-indulgence - it's necessary.

Our skin shows the damaging effects of stress almost immediately. It manifests in deeper lines, blemishes and dryness.

Living Nature's specialist treatment products, like Deep Cleansing MaskSkin Revive Exfoliant  and Ultra Nourishing Mask are weekly rituals to purify, rehydrate and restore the health and balance of your skin. But more importantly, they offer a moment of peace and stillness away from the rush of modern life.

Time to just be.

To detox and purify:

Skin Revive Exfoliant then Deep Cleansing Mask.

To refine and nurture:

Skin Revive Exfoliant then Hydrating Gel Mask with 2 drops of Radiance Night Oil.

To rejuvenate and deeply nourish:

Skin Revive Exfoliant then Ultra Nourishing Mask with 2 drops of Radiance Night Oil.