Reasons why our customers love Living Nature

1. It smooths textured, bumpy skin

Using our oily skin regime: "I found the products really good. I have always had really bad skin and as an adult I have not been happy with that. I was getting really bad pimples around my jaw line and also big blind pimples on my lower chin, and since I have been using the product, as you can see, my sin has cleared up totally. I now only get the odd single breakout (monthly)."

woman with acne and texture before and after

1. It brightens the appearance of dark spots

Your skin can get rough and textured from old acne scars, congested pores, age, stress, weather, and hormonal changes. Good Genes is a lactic acid serum (balanced with botanical goodness like arnica, aloe, licorice root, blue agave, and prickly pear extract) which chemically exfoliates the surface of the skin, by dissolving the glue that binds the dead skin cells to the surface. Removing layers of dead surface cells helps bring newer, fresher, smoother cells to the surface. Extra points for the fact that it also plumps the look of surface lines in just 3 minutes!

woman with acne and texture before and after