Bladder Kelp
Macrocystis pyrifera

This super-nutrient of the sea is the fastest growing plant in the world.

Reaching lengths of up to 35 metres at maturity, Bladder Kelp grows at an incredible rate of half a metre per day in unpolluted South Pacific waters surrounding New Zealand.

Rich in nutrients absorbed from the sea, kelp extracts have been used for years as natural liquid fertilisers, and as a health supplement to boost dietary levels of iodine, potassium, folic acid, B group vitamins and vitamins A and D.

Kelp extracts are used by Living Nature in products such as Nourishing Body Wash and Balancing Shampoo as nourishing food for the skin and hair.  It has the added benefit of iodine and tannin to cleanse and purify, and silica for strong healthy hair.

Source / Harvesting

  • Naturally occurring in the South pacific oceans around the New Zealand East Coast and manually harvested.


  • Water and steam extraction

Parts used

  • Whole plant


  • Nutrient-rich nourishment
  • Antiseptic

Primary components

  • Silica, iodine, Vitamin B group, Vitamin A

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