Your skin is your body’s largest organ – treat it with respect and it will repay the favour.

We live and breathe our environment; so does our skin. Our faces are exposed to everything we encounter – much of which we have little choice about. We CAN choose how we take care of our skin – and nature provides the best solutions to do this safely and effectively, for the health and beauty of our complexions.

Daily care including cleansing, toning and moisturising ensures the best health for your skin – gentle, effective cleansing to removing daily grime, makeup and excess oil while retaining skin’s pH balance, a toning step to replenish and retain skin’s hydration and moisturiser to protect, firm and nourish.

Since 1987 Living Nature’s extraordinary skincare products have harnessed the potent natural properties of New Zealand’s active botanical ingredients. Whatever your skintype or skin concern, we can provide effective care for your daily skincare routine – for naturally healthy, beautiful skin.

When water gets scarce, things start shutting down. Leaves die and stop chlorophyll production. Similarly, thirsty skin will lose elasticity, deepening fine lines and wrinkles.

That's why we use active New Zealand botanicals known for their powerful skin quenching properties.

The gel of native Harakeke Flax is nature's super hydrator and the main ingredient in Living Nature's Firming Flax Serum, and Hydrating Toning Gels.

Harakeke is more hydrating and healing than aloe vera and works by contracting your pores to seal in the moisture, leaving your skin plump and smooth. Old or young, fair or dark, hydrated, healthy skin looks dewy and radiant, like it always should.