What's in a kiss?

As Valentines draws near, love takes centre stage and what better way to celebrate than with a kiss? At Living Nature we believe that every kiss should be filled with affection and of course natural ingredients.

Our certified natural lipsticks are produced in Kerikeri, New Zealand, with the highest quality, natural ingredients. We have a commitment to using nourishing ingredients which replenish and revitalize the skin leaving your lips soft and supple. These lipsticks are lush, creamy, and crafted with ingredients that actively contribute to your lip health. Nourishing components such as Candelilla Wax, Beeswax, and Vitamin E are just a glimpse of the natural goodness they offer. Free from nasties, these certified natural formulas won’t dry out or harm your lips; instead, they nurture and safeguard your lips from the elements, while adding a touch of colour for a radiant smile.

What our customers say

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So, which colour works best for you?

A great starting point is to harmonize the lipstick colour with your skin tone. You can determine your skins undertone by checking your wrist veins- blue indicates a cool undertone, green suggests warm and if it’s difficult to tell then you are a neutral undertone. For cool tones, opt for blue- based reds or berry shades (try Living Nature’s shades Glamorous or Summer Rain). Warmer tones suit lipsticks with orange or yellow undertones, such as peachy or warm reds (try Living Nature’s Wild Fire or Morning Sun). If your skin tone is neutral then most shades will suit you, however pink shades work particularly well, (try Living Natures shades Precious, Laughter and Coral Sea).

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Living Nature lipsticks allow women to look and feel beautiful while also looking after their health.  Wearing a natural lipstick this Valentine’s Day is not merely a beauty trend, it’s a lifestyle choice. So let Living Nature be your beauty guide and discover your natural lipstick shade.

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