Multi Masking with Living Nature

Offering a solution for combination skin sufferers’ worldwide, Multi Masking is a global beauty trend. It’s exactly what it sounds like: using multiple face masks to target specific problem areas. At Living Nature we are well equipped to multi mask with our wide range of certified natural face masks. With the recent launch of our new certified natural Charcoal Clay Mask, we now have five powerful masks in our range which each target unique skin problems. Sit back and prepare yourself for an at-home facial as we explain our Living Nature multi-mask routine using three of our favourite masks!


Prep your skin for best results and begin your treatment by exfoliating. This will help to remove rough, dead skin cells and allow the masks to better work their magic. Our Skin Revive Exfoliant combines bio-degradable natural wax microbeads (no harm to ocean life) with a cream cleanser formulation which enhances the exfoliating process. The cleansing properties of our hero ingredient Kumerahou gently loosen the cement (oil, dirt and debris) around dead skin cells, allowing them to be more effectively removed by the Jojoba and Candelilla wax beads without damaging skin.

Identify problem areas
Next, work out each problem area on your face to target. Look for acne spots or areas of dry skin, these two concerns can be targeted with our Ultra Nourishing Mask and Deep Cleansing Mask. The majority of your skin may not have any extreme skin problems, but will require detoxing and rejuvenation, which can be addressed with our certified natural Charcoal Clay Mask.

Suggested multi masking guide for oily, combination and dry skin types.

Dry areas and fine lines | Living Nature Ultra Nourishing Mask
Begin your multi-mask application with our certified natural Ultra Nourishing Mask, focusing on concentrated areas of dry skin. We also suggest applying the mask to your décolletage and carefully around your eyes to plump and reduce the look of fine lines.
This nutritious mask will nurture and restore dry or damaged skin utilising active Manuka Honey to replenish moisture, Manuka Oil for its potent antimicrobial properties, and botanical oils Rosehip and Jojoba for their skin regenerating and rejuvenating properties.

Acne problem areas | Living Nature Deep Cleansing Mask
If you suffer from acne, this can be targeted as an area or spot treated with our certified natural Deep Cleansing Mask. Formulated with ultra-purifying Halloysite Clay, this mask works to unclog pores, draw impurities to the surface and regulate oil production. Antimicrobial Manuka Extract helps to neutralise bacteria, combined with active Manuka Honey to heal and nourish skin.

The perfect partner to pair with Deep Cleansing Mask is Manuka Honey Gel, click here to view.

Detox, purify and strengthen skin | Living Nature Charcoal Clay Mask
Finish your multi masking routine by generously applying the Charcoal Clay Mask to the remainder of your face. This mask is your go-to for purifying and strengthening your skin to combat the effects of air pollution on skin.

Air pollution is one of the main contributing environmental pollution risks to our health and especially our skin. Present in both cities and rural areas, pollutants suffocate your skin by accumulating on the surface; harmful chemicals and toxins can attach themselves to these particulates and penetrate pores. These harmful substances can diffuse into deeper layers and induce skin irritations, skin sensitivity and premature ageing, as well as a dull, dry complexion.

Our certified natural Charcoal Clay Mask combats the effects of skin pollution and is formulated to detox, purify and strengthen your skin’s protective layer with active Bincho Tan Charcoal and ‘super berry’ Schisandra Chinensis. Halloysite Clay absorbs excess oils and aids in drawing out impurities, and skin superfoods Avocado Oil and Coconut Oil work to feed, nourish and soften skin. Organic Manuka Honey and Shea Butter add moisture while reducing inflammation and anti-oxidant rich Vitamin E helps to fight free radical damage.

Apply each mask carefully in upward circular strokes with your fingers or a clean foundation brush, paying close attention to your eyes and not applying product too close. Now is the best part, sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings for at least 20 mins. Reflect on the positive things in your life and channel your energy into your breathing and letting go of any anxieties.

Rinse off the masks with warm water and a soft face cloth.

Follow up with a Living Nature Hydrating Toning Gel, Firming Flax Serum and Radiance Night Oil for a concentrated boost of goodness.

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