Living Nature is Celebrating 32 Years

We are proud to be New Zealand’s original certified natural skincare company, with skincare and cosmetic formulations that have stood the test of time. Today, over 30 years since Living Nature’s inception, we still offer many of the same iconic products. While some names and formulations have changed slightly, they still retain their original quality and are made to the same high standards in our original Kerikeri factory. To celebrate our 32nd Birthday, we took a look back at some of our most iconic products.

Firming Flax Serum
Harakeke Flax is one of our hero ingredients and has been loved by Living Nature for decades. This powerful active ingredient is the highlight of our bestselling Firming Flax Serum. Designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, Firming Flax Serum is formulated with Harakeke Flax Gel, a mild astringent which causes pores to contract and prevents skin from moisture loss, whilst active Manuka Honey nourishes and organic Rosehip Oil rejuvenates the skin. The result is smoother, plumper skin and reduced fine lines.

Hydrating Toning Gels

Our certified natural Toning Gels are an iconic part of Living Nature’s skincare range. A unique gel formulation, they contain soothing Harakeke Flax Gel and humectant active Manuka Honey, plus a wealth of other nutrient rich natural ingredients. Refreshing and lightweight, they glide onto skin, absorbing rapidly with no sticky residue. Toning is an essential step in your skincare routine, which helps restore natural pH levels, prevent oil overproduction, firm, tone and add moisture naturally. Choose from our certified natural Hydrating Toning Gel for oily/acne prone skin, Extra Hydrating Toning Gel for dry/mature skin or Sensitive Hydrating Toner for sensitive skin.

Hydrating Gel Mask
Despite minor changes over the years, our certified natural Hydrating Gel Mask has retained its unique hydrating properties and key ingredients, making it one of our classic products. A powerful blend of active ingredients, Hydrating Gel Mask works to soften fine lines, even out skin tone and provide deep hydration. Hydrating Gel Mask is formulated with Active Manuka Honey to maintain moisture levels and aid in skin healing alongside Vitamin C rich Grapefruit Extract and Vitamin E, both powerful antioxidants. Hydrating Harakeke Flax Gel and organic Calendula Extract soothe and calm skin, while antibacterial Manuka and Tea Tree oils aid skin healing and work to even out skin tone.

Manuka Honey Gel
One of the original members of the Living Nature skincare range, this potent, healing gel is one of our most loved products and is formulated with Manuka Oil, New Zealand Harakeke Flax Gel and Active Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey Gel is an effective, soothing treatment for blemish-prone skin and trouble spots including scratches, insect bites and cold sores.

Certified Natural Lipsticks
Not only have our lipsticks been around for over three decades, we are the only New Zealand brand to offer a full certified natural/organic lipstick range. One of our most enduringly popular products, our natural lipsticks are formulated with Carnauba and Candelilla waxes, natural Beeswax and enriched with Vitamin E. The nourishing blend of natural waxes and premium pigments soothe and moisturise your lips, making them comfortable enough for all-day wear.  They are coloured naturally, contain no synthetics or nasty chemicals and are accredited Choose Cruelty Free, so you can wear them knowing they are some of the safest, purest lipsticks in the world.

Men’s Range

Our certified natural Men’s Range includes three soothing, gentle skincare products that have stood the test of time. Gentle Cleansing Shaving Gel works to lift impurities and calm the skin, formulated with naturally foaming Kumerahou to cleanse and rebalance. Soothing Moisturiser helps restore moisture and vitality with Active Manuka Honey and soothing Harakeke Flax Gel, and Soothing Aftershave Gel contains a cooling infusion of Calendula Oil and Witchhazel to help soothe skin after shaving, plus healing Manuka Honey and Harakeke Flax Gel.

Other iconic Living Nature products include our certified natural Balancing Day Lotion, Balancing Night Gel, Nourishing Night Cream, Rich Day Cream and our Purifying and Vitalising cleansers.

Since our inception, Living Nature has remained true to the vision of promoting authentic, natural beauty and doing no harm to our world. Our founding values are still reflected in every product manufactured and are echoed through carrying our certification logos. Living Nature’s certifying body BDIH adhere to globally recognised standards, which includes COSMOS, who set some of the most rigorous global standard for naturalness and their inspection team audits us annually. In many cases we don’t just meet, but exceed, their standards. These extend beyond ingredients to environmental impact of sourcing raw materials and production and how ingredients are handled.  Certification doesn’t come easily, but it’s worth it to demonstrate our commitment to safe, sustainable, natural products.

Stringent protocols at our GMP certified Kerikeri factory ensures product integrity through every step of our process. This ensures that Living Nature’s products are manufactured to the highest safety standard available to cosmetics manufactures globally. In order to be certified, we have undergone a rigorous audit of our premises, systems and processes. This included checks on ingredient quality, hygiene and clean down, suitability of the premises, clear documentation, training and full compliance with legal obligations.

Our recyclable packaging is specifically designed to shield product contents from external contamination and is free from Bisphenol-A (BPA) and Phthalates. Living Nature’s iconic half-moon shaped bottles contain 15% Calcium Carbonate (chalk) that when combined with polypropylene reduces energy and plastic used in manufacture. The card used for our cartons is sourced from renewable forests and contains no toxins or elemental chlorine bleach.

Living Nature hold numerous international beauty awards and are accredited Buy New Zealand Made and Choose Cruelty Free. We also continue to innovate and release new products regularly, the most recent of which, our certified COSMOS natural Charcoal Clay Mask, is a finalist in the prestigious Pure Beauty Global Awards.  

To find out more about our iconic skincare products, don’t hesitate to send an email to our dedicated customer solutions team at They have a wealth of knowledge about Living Nature’s heritage and products. xx














Hi Serena, first you need to determine what skin type you have rather than selecting a product due to your age, this is because our skincare products are specifically formulated for certain skin types depending on the skin’s needs. Below we have included a brief summary on the most common skin types:

Normal – your skin is not too oily and not too dry, you need products which support this happy balance.
Combination/oily – Your skin needs products which remove impurities and excess oil while rebalancing natural moisture levels. Your skin tends to be blemish-prone and you are younger in age.
Dry/mature – Your skin needs additional nourishment as its natural reserves are depleting.
Sensitive – You require gentle products that do not irritate your skin

Once you have determined your skin type we recommend shopping via your ‘Skin Concern’ you can navigate to this section via the navigation bar located at the top of our website underneath ‘Skincare’. You will note that some of the serums and oils will be present across all ‘Skin Concern’ categories this is because they have been formulated to suit all skin types.

Alternatively, Living Nature also offers our Natural Being range, a light less-complex formulation offered at a value price. In this range, we offer oily to normal or normal to dry.

If you would like to discuss your skin type in more detail please email Please be aware that our offices are closed during the current Covid-19 situation in New Zealand, but our wonderful team will endeavour to get back to you once they return.

Living Nature March 30, 2020

How can I know the age range your creams are for.
For example the rich day cream or firming eye cream – is it for older or younger.
For example maybe anti wrinkle is bad/strong for the young.
Please let me know so I know what to buy myself and my daughter.
Thank you

Serena Kassis March 30, 2020

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