Celebrating 35 Years of Iconic Natural Skincare & Cosmetics

1 Apr, 2022 -

This year, we celebrate our 35th birthday. As New Zealand’s original certified natural skincare and cosmetic company, we are proud to achieve this significant milestone.

Our story
Living Nature was founded in Kerikeri back in 1987. At this time, the range of natural skincare products available was extremely limited and ‘natural’ wasn’t a buzzword. When searching for a remedy for her skin conditions, our founder, Suzanne Hall, was inspired to formulate her own natural skincare products. Some of these very early products include our iconic Mānuka Honey Gel, originally named ‘Rescue gel’ or ‘Mānuka Oil and Honey Antiseptic Gel’, and ‘Vitalising Creamy Cleanser’ (now Vitalising Cleanser), which both remain bestselling, beloved products. Other original Living Nature products include our award winning Firming Flax Serum, unique hydrating toning gels and our nature inspired lipstick range. While the names and packaging have changed and evolved over the years, they still hold the same powerful properties, and their enduring popularity is evidence of their effectiveness.

Today, Living Nature is distributed to over 15 international markets, all from the small town of Kerikeri, where our original GMP certified factory and flagship store are located. We are proud that our iconic products are still produced in the same factory, which has been part of the local community for over 30 years. This base allows us to control every step of the process from product development and formulation to testing, filling and distribution.

Our circle of trust
Since our inception, we have remained true to our vision of creating authentic, natural, safe and effective skincare and cosmetics. We continue to uphold our 5 overarching values of brand heritage, native New Zealand ingredients, global certifications, sustainability, and premium design; together these create our circle of trust. When you see our logo on a product, you can trust that it has been crafted with absolute integrity to nurture your skin, care for your health, and protect your planet, based on the philosophy of ‘purity made simple’.

Sustainably sourced natural ingredients
We proudly stand behind our products as powerful, natural, and sustainable. Our ingredients are sourced with care, including our 'hero ingredients': Harakeke Flax Gel, Totarol, Mānuka Honey, Mānuka Oil, Halloysite Clay, and Kumerahou. The properties of these plants are known for their healing, purifying and nourishing qualities. When combined, they create some of the safest, purest and most effective certified natural skincare in the world.

We source our Mānuka Honey from beekeepers in our local Far North region of New Zealand. It is wild crafted and harvested using industry best-practice methods which are strictly animal cruelty-free. Praised for its strong anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, Mānuka Oil is sourced from the Mānuka plant, a native New Zealand shrub. Our Mānuka Oil is sustainably sourced using only the leaves, flowers and branches, without any destruction to the mother plant.

Future focus
While we continue to innovate and produce powerful new formulations to complement the range, we took a step back in 2021 to carry out a major packaging update. With this update, our iconic, certified natural formulas are now packaged in premium gloss white bottles with black twist lock pumps, which make a beautiful addition to your bathroom shelf. In a step towards reducing our environmental footprint we also improved our recyclability with kerbside recyclable bottles – they are now plastic grade 1.

In 2022, we began the year with the launch of the Dawn to Dusk Duo set. Our most beautiful gift set yet, this sunset inspired gift box contains our bestselling Active Brightening Serum and Advanced Renewal Night Serum. As for the rest of the year, we have some exciting projects underway, so watch this space!

For more information about Living Nature and help finding the perfect products for your skin type, contact us at solutions@livingnature.com.


Hi, thanks for your comment! We love this idea, however it is currently not feasible for us. We have passed your message on to our team. Thanks again. :)

Living Nature February 01, 2023

Do you have any collection center for empty bottles,lipsticks etc? It would be good to recycle them. In some countries like Japan they received empty bottles etc and the customers receive a little discount on their next purchase. Just a thought

Cristina Yoko Dawson February 01, 2023

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