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Our certified natural skincare products contain potent and active New Zealand botanicals which promote skin healing, as Living Nature skincare user Ann experienced. Suffering from severe skin pigmentation and acne breakouts, Ann turned to our certified natural skincare range. After following a dedicated Living Nature skincare routine for four months, Ann's skin achieved excellent results, as shown in the images above. Read on to hear Ann's story, and the Living Nature products she used to achieve these results.

Ann's Story

After having her wisdom teeth removed, Ann applied an anti-inflammatory cream to her face 2-3 times per day to help soothe the pain in her jaw. After applying the cream for a few weeks, raised bumps began appearing across her skin. In an attempt to fix the issue, she began overusing harsh scrubs and masks. This further irritated her skin, and her face began to erupt with severe acne. 

The breakouts continued for three months until Ann finally turned to Living Nature for a gentle, effective, natural solution. She was anxious to soothe her skin and minimise any scarring.


Following expert advice from our International Training Manager, she began using our certified natural Vitalising Cleanser and Extra Hydrating Toning Gel twice daily, to gently cleanse and tone her skin without irritating it further. In addition, she used our certified natural Ultimate Day Oil in the morning and our certified natural Radiance Night Oil before bed. These gentle oils helped to soften the skin and promote cell renewal.

Twice a week, Ann used our Skin Revive Exfoliant to gently remove dead skin cells and debris, and our certified natural Charcoal Clay Mask to deeply purify and detox her skin. As a spot treatment, she applied our certified natural Manuka Honey Gel twice daily.

By following this dedicated skincare routine for 4 months, Ann has seen wonderful results. Her skin is looking calmer, and the redness and severity of the acne has reduced dramatically. “The extra moisturising products and oils have really helped repair and restore my skin balance. Thank you so much for making these amazing natural products that really do work!” – Ann

Updated progress image
(Photo was taken 02/03/2020)

Months after the initial before and after photos were taken, Ann continues to use Living Nature in her skincare routine and uses our certified natural Active Brightening Serum. “I’m on my fourth bottle of Active Brightening Serum. I think I’ve made great progress yet again.” – Ann

These wonderful results that our certified natural skincare products have achieved are a testament to the quality of our award winning range. We have been perfecting our safe, effective skincare solutions for over three decades, to promote radiant, resilient skin naturally.


That is a very awful acne you got there. But I know for sure that these products can help get rid of these acnes. Base on the article’s content it will.

Emerage Cosmetics August 04, 2022

Hi Jes, we recommend trying our certified natural Manuka Honey Gel, as this is gentle and soothing, yet can help with acne. It combines active Manuka Honey for skin healing with Manuka Oil to help protect, cleanse and soothe the skin. To use, apply as often as needed to the affected area. For more detailed advice to help with this problem, we recommend you contact our dedicated Customer Solutions team at Thank you!

Living Nature June 04, 2020

I have a very awful acne around my chest area…it is really giving me grief as they are big and sometimes very itchy. Can this product help?

Jes June 04, 2020

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