Living Nature Lifts the Lid on... Talc in Cosmetics

We know talc provokes mixed (and sometimes very strong) reactions - that's why it's important to dig a little deeper. Evidence about the risks of talc are hazy, with an understandable lack of human research studies - the American Cancer Society advises that the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies inhaled talc as “not classifiable as to carcinogenicity in humans”. The debate is further complicated by the association in the past, of talc with the contaminant asbestos, which has been proven to cause cancer. Although all talc used in personal care products now legally MUST be asbestos-free, there is a growing belief that when talc is inhaled into the lungs in dry form, it could cause respiratory problems or even lung cancer.  

On the flip side, talc is the best natural ingredient of its kind to use on facial skin.  It provides application, colour and product stability in mineral make-up and powders and also prevents other ingredients or pollutants from being absorbed by the skin.   

Living Nature has gone to great lengths to find a way to use talc safely.  To render talc safe to use, Living Nature only uses talc that is bound with natural oils and emulsifiers; this ensures it cannot be inhaled or absorbedLiving Nature uses some of the purest talc on Earth; talc which is also pharmaceutical-grade, certified asbestos-free, pathogen-free and double sterilised to ensure a high level of hygiene.  

Don't assume alternatives are safe - Silica, rice or corn powders are sometimes used as an alternative to talc in cosmetics. However, these powders are also potentially dangerous when inhaled in their dry form, don’t provide the same application qualities as talc and could potentially be absorbed by the skin. Particle size is important; in the US, all personal care products should contain talc with particle size 5 microns or larger. Larger particle sizes prevent it from penetrating. Living Nature mineral make-up and powders contain large molecules of talc, which do not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.  Instead, they sit on the skin’s surface creating a barrier that offers colour, camouflage and protection until it’s removed at the end of the day. 

We include bound talc in the following Mineral Cosmetics products, Summer Bronze Pressed Powder, Luminous Pressed Powder, Eyeshadow, Blush, Lip and Eye Pencils.  Also remember, Living Nature’s Mineral Cosmetics are so pure and natural they won’t clog the pores and they allow skin to breathe naturally.  

Certified natural by BDIH Germany, Living Nature has one of the lowest, safest ratings on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database and is endorsed by Breast Cancer Network New Zealand.

For more on the talc discussion and tips for safer personal care and beauty, see Cancer Research UK or EWG 


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