Oily/Blemish Prone


The oil in your skin is one of your most valuable assets. Provided it is well looked after, it can be a blessing as often it will age better and can look younger for longer. Skins with over-productive sebaceous (oil) glands may be prone to congestions, blackheads and breakouts. Our skincare products, especially formulated to assist oily skin, will help cleanse, balance and regulate oil production without stripping the skin’s natural protective barrier.

You can experience blemishes with any skin type, particularly with hormonal fluctuation. For spot-treatment of blemishes, our Manuka Honey Gel is packed with miracle healer Active Manuka Honey and super protector Manuka Oil. For lots of helpful, healthy beauty tips on the natural approach to acne treatment click here or to see Living Nature's anti-acne success story with 'before and after' pics click here.