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Alcohol - Does Living Nature use alcohol in their products?

Alcohol - I noticed on your label you use an ingredient named Cetearyl alcohol, how is this not a damaging alcohol?

Allergic Response – What is the likelihood of me having an allergic reaction to your products? 

Aluminium - I have heard concerns regarding Aluminium in Talc - is this an issue with your products?

Animal Friendly - If you don’t test your products on animals how do you test them?

'Best Before' Date - What is the shelf life and how do I read the date?

Choosing the right Living Nature products - If I have sensitive skin, how can I be sure your products won’t have any adverse effects?

Comedogenic – I suffer with black-heads and oily skin and want to know if your products are non-comedogenic?

Deleted Products

Foundation colour variation - Why does my new Living Nature foundation look different in the bottle to my old one, when they're the same shade?

Gluten - Do Living Nature products contain gluten?

Gluten – Does Cetearyl Wheat Straw Glycoside contain Gluten?

Lactose - Why do you use Lactose derived ingredients in your product?

Mica - Why do you use this in your products?

Microbeads - I've seen these are in your exfoliant; don't they damage our waterways and marine life?

Nurture - Where has the Nurture range gone?

Organic Certification - Does Living Nature use organic ingredients?

Packaging - Is Living Nature's packaging environmentally friendly and recyclable?

Packaging - Why are some of your products dispensed upside down?

Palm Oil – Do your products contain it?

Parfum – Do your products contain synthetic perfumes or fragrance?

Pregnancy - Are there any restrictions for using Living Nature products when pregnant or on medication?

Radiance Night Oil - Can I use this product on my skin during the day time?

Talc - Can you advise why you use talc in some of your make-up products such your powders, eyeshadows and lip/eye liners?

Vegan – Are your products suitable for Vegans?

Why is my organic lipstick going darker on the outside?