Covid-19 Update

Please be mindful of significant delivery delays while Living Nature and our courier service partners operate under Covid-19 restrictions. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

To ensure the safety of our valued customers and staff, strict physical distancing and sanitisation rules are in place throughout the Living Nature premises, ensuring absolute care while picking and packing your order. We are confident that the measures we have in place will keep everyone safe at all times while being able to dispatch your orders.

Thank you to everyone for your support and messages over the past months. Stay safe.


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Alcohol - Does Living Nature use alcohol in their products?

Alcohol - I noticed on your label you use an ingredient named Cetearyl alcohol, how is this not a damaging alcohol?

Allergic Response – What is the likelihood of me having an allergic reaction to your products? 

Aluminium - I have heard concerns regarding Aluminium in Talc - is this an issue with your products?

Animal Friendly - If you don’t test your products on animals how do you test them?

'Best Before' Date - What is the shelf life and how do I read the date?

Choosing the right Living Nature products - If I have sensitive skin, how can I be sure your products won’t have any adverse effects?

Comedogenic – I suffer with black-heads and oily skin and want to know if your products are non-comedogenic?

Deleted Products

Foundation colour variation - Why does my new Living Nature foundation look different in the bottle to my old one, when they're the same shade?

Gluten - Do Living Nature products contain gluten?

Gluten – Does Cetearyl Wheat Straw Glycoside contain Gluten?

Lactose - Why do you use Lactose derived ingredients in your product?

Mica - Why do you use this in your products?

Microbeads - I've seen these are in your exfoliant; don't they damage our waterways and marine life?

Nurture - Where has the Nurture range gone?

Organic Certification - Does Living Nature use organic ingredients?

Packaging - Is Living Nature's packaging environmentally friendly and recyclable?

Packaging - Why are some of your products dispensed upside down?

Palm Oil – Do your products contain it?

Parfum – Do your products contain synthetic perfumes or fragrance?

Pregnancy - Are there any restrictions for using Living Nature products when pregnant or on medication?

Radiance Night Oil - Can I use this product on my skin during the day time?

Talc - Can you advise why you use talc in some of your make-up products such your powders, eyeshadows and lip/eye liners?

Vegan – Are your products suitable for Vegans?