As they bloom, peonies change colour, each stage equally beautiful - from the deep flush of the new-opened bud to the delicate pastels just before the petals begin to fall.

Similarly, beauty isn't about age or conforming to arbitrary ideals of size or colour. It's about health, happiness and a nurtured mind and body. For us, anti-aging is about embracing ageless beauty - using bioactive New Zealand native botanicals, Living Nature works with your skin to enhance its natural regenerative processes.

Our 100% safe, natural anti-aging ingredients help you make the most of what you've got, healing and rehydrating damage, and refreshing and rejuvenating parched, weary skin. It means your skin is left dewy, soft, and truly, naturally beautiful, whatever your age.

Check out our range of products for mature skin or for our care guide for a natural approach to anti-aging, click here.