• Skin Minis "super impressive"!

    The prospect of the pitter patter of tiny feet is often a prompt for women to explore ways of reducing toxic load and keeping their body and their baby as healthy as possible. Our friends at SmartMommyHealthBaby.com focus on non-toxic, eco-friendly, natural and organic products that are safe during pregnancy and for use with our precious littlies. They're super impressed with the benefits of certified natural Living Nature skincare with our new Skin Minis!


  • Get going with Living Nature foundations

    An esteemed beauty blogger in Singapore, vivawoman.net has rediscovered our certified natural Living Nature Mineral Foundations. Click here to see her review. We know our foundations can present a few challenges for some - certified natural doesn't come easy! We continue to improve our formulations but it also helps to know some top tips for application, particularly if your skin is dry. It makes a significant difference if skin is 'prepped'...


  • Adrienne Daniel Jul 15, 2013

    Manuka Honey Magic...

    For all those who struggle with acne, we know nature works! We've had many customers tell us how much it's changed their life to find a gentle, natural product range that has helped clear their skin and given them back their confidence and ability to face the world. Manuka Honey Gel "I would just like to say how impressed I am with your "Manuka Honey Gel" - this has been a skin...


  • Adrienne Daniel May 30, 2013

    In love with Morning Sun lipstick - check out Bare Beauty

    We're delighted to hear from Caitlin at Bare Beauty Blog that she's discovered the natural beauty of our lipsticks and loves the gorgeous autumnal colour of Morning Sun. Check out the full blog here or to see our guaranteed lead-free lipstick range click here.