Identifying Your Skin Type

As the skin is a living organ, it can vary from season to season or even from week to week, depending on your general health as well as on external factors, such as environment, diet, health and general lifestyle.

Skin ageing is an inevitable process. It can be sped up through lack of care, too much sunlight, or even excess central heating. The process can be slowed down by a good skin care and protection routine.

Wrinkles usually begin to appear between 30 and 45, become more pronounced and noticeable between 45 and 50 and are formidable from 50 on up.

It's important to identify and understand your skin type, to ensure you're selecting the right products for maximum benefit. Click through from the headers below to find tips on caring naturally and effectively for each skin type.

Your skin type:

Do you have? Oily Combination Normal Dry Sensitive
Large Pores X X      
Fine Texture     X X X
Shiny T-Zone   X      
Shiny Face X        
Tightness       X  
Redness/Thread Veins         X
Acne & Spots X X      
Blackheads X X      
Excessive Wrinkles       X  
Thin Skin       X X
Thick Skin X X      
Radiant Glowing Skin     X